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Oh Come On Now, Who Needs Human Rights?

You do realize, now that other hostile countries have caught wind of what Americans have deemed OK to do to Prisoners Of War, they'll feel they have free reign to torture our own citizens they imprison with as much force as they deem "reasonable" - whatever tools they need to get the job done, right?

Now, I know G.W. Bush and many people working in the White House are avid "24" fans, but does our president ACTUALLY think he's Jack Bauer? Because, I've got news for him, he would've actually had to have SERVED for our country in some official military capacity aside from sitting in airplanes parked on U.S. soil. You are NOT Jack Bauer, president Bush! Jack Bauer actually CATCHES terrorists! He gets the job fucking done! You don't do shit! You make Charles Logan seem competent!

Allow me please to quote from an outside source (I don't do it often, indulge me). This is from the Guardian online website, the whole article can be found here.

McCain's pyrrhic victory is that under the deal, lip service to Common Article 3 (of the Geneva Convention, which bans torture and inhuman or degrading treatment to prisoners) remains. The problem is that the only viable method of making this effective has been removed. To work, laws need enforcement, and with detainees that means recourse to the courts, where allegations of maltreatment can be made and tested. The deal not only blocks new cases, but it will stop the several hundred pending ones in their tracks. Most detainees will also lose access to their lawyers and, hence, the principal way in which abuses such as force-feeding and alleged brutality have been exposed.

Meanwhile, it states that there is only one authority who decides which interrogation methods breach Common Article 3 - the President. Thursday's text said he would at least publish the list of permissible techniques. By Friday, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley was saying that some CIA methods would stay secret after all. The President's commitment to Geneva would have to be taken on trust.

First of all, we're talking John McCain - a man who was tortured as a POW in Vietnam - all of a sudden changing his stance. What the fuck? Is this so he'll get the full-spectrum of support from the GOP in his impending 2008 presidential campaign? Regardless, it's obvious, he's fucking caving to tow the company fucking line! It's pathetic! He, most of all, should be the biggest champion of Human Rights for POWs.

Now, we're keeping the vague language intact, but giving G.W. Bush the power of authority over what's excessive or not? God, I wish I had that power, because if I did I'd imprison the president and put his testicles in a vice and squeeze until they exploded - because, in my opinion, mashed gonads isn't excessive for him!

We're supposed to trust a guy who has the common sense of an invalid? Who rushes us into a war in Iraq which now - evidence shows - is making the world LESS safe! OH, that's right! Seems our presence in Iraq has gotten all these Anti-America types riled up to the point where MORE terrorist cells are popping up when - had we not stuck our nose into a fight we had no business starting - there would've been less.

And I'm supposed to read this from our Vice President and feel proud to be an American right now? - "I don't know how much better you can do than no attacks for the past five years. The fact is, the world is better off today with Saddam Hussein out of power. Think where we'd be if he was still there" - Dick Cheney, September 11 2006.

And had Saddam Hussein still been in power today? Well, I'm sure with all those Weapons of Mass Destruction he had, we'd be obliterated! Oh, wait ... that's right ... but no, seriously, Saddam had the power! He could've thrown SAND across the ocean! Oh yeah! You get that sand in your eyes and that's worse than cutting up a thousand onions!

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