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Man, don't GIVE me this jive shit!

I know I'm supposed to be all into TV on the Radio because they're pushing all these musical boundaries and they're comprised primarily of minorities - which is a rarity in rock music - but I just don't care for 'em. They put out, at best, two to three good songs per album, a bunch of listenable songs, and the rest is kinda shit. Now, some of their quality songs are REALLY good, don't get me wrong. But, the new album doesn't deserve 4.5 stars out of 5 from Rolling Stone, I don't care HOW starved the world is for something different from Pop Music.

P.S. the new Roots album is fucking great, especially the song where they sample Radiohead. Check 'er out.

And I'm not sold on The Black Keys or The Rapture yet, but they dish out servicable new music. Nothing's blowing me away lately, except the new Mars Volta album. Holy FUCKBALLS it's good. Oh, and Eagles of Death Metal is really starting to grow on me. Like, hardcore.

Anyway, today's drinking excursion went a little better. Throughout a football game, I bought 5 beers for $20, then tacked on a 4 buck tip. Not too bad, really. That other Seahawks fan I know wasn't around to take my call - he called later and said he'd just gotten home as the game was ending - so I was sitting at the end of the bar at The Black Sheep root-root-rooting for MY home team.

42-3? Are you kidding? Forty-two to fucking THREE? Forget the 27 garbage points the Giants got in the fourth quarter (when, really, we should've had Hasselbeck riding the fucking PINE, letting Seneca Wallace take over some of the hand-off duties - I'm telling you, every hit to Hasselbeck was hurting me just as badly), we DOMINATED this supposed "competition" today! Now, we could still be talking about an inferior NFC rearing its ugly head again, but I'm still putting the Seahawks on par with some of the AFC's greats - Indy, Jacksonville, Cincy, and to a lesser extent Pittsburgh (I'm sorry, I don't care how "great" you are, if you're 1-2, you ain't THAT great - at least, not at the moment). We'll know how good we are after this next week, though. If we go into Chicago and grab a victory anyway we can, then there's no limit to what we can do, barring injury and all that mess.

Yeah, so I was too chickenshit to wear my Seahawks jersey today. It wasn't out of fear that I'd get the shit kicked out of me, but rather the ribbing I would've had to have suffered if we got beat at home. Then, I'm walking through Manhattan in my Seahawks Blue and everyone's busting my balls all the way home. Who needs that? Next week, though, I'll be out in force - unless, somehow, the UW Huskies pull out another win on Saturday. I'm on quite the two-week streak of wearing my Husky shirt the day after victories. When things are going that good, you can't fuck with the superstition gods.

So, I got ahold of Julie Chen today finally. Yeah, it only took me a month. I invited her to the party as well. Apparently, our party is this FRIDAY, not Saturday as I was originally told (and what I originally told Michael via this very website). Friday, 9ish. I gave Julie the directions and she said she'd talk to Eileen and Braxton to see if they want to show up too. Fuck man, if I manage to have ONE other person I know besides my roommates, I'd be stoked. Nevertheless, the wine's gonna be flowing like beer this Friday.

I drank away my drunkenness via Iced Tea, but now I'm all groggy and tired. Time to watch a movie. Tomorrow I sign up for that proofreading class.

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