NewYorkSteve (newyorksteve) wrote,

Richie Sexson Sucks: Cock, or, Getting Fit in Astoria

God, I'm spending money like a trust-fund socialite over here!

You know, you think you could go through a move and have it be cheap and easy, but you always end up spending money getting started. Right now, I think I'm all set. I can finally settle into my routine of eating cheaply, not going out so much, saving money, all the rest.

There's a neighborhood bar right around the corner from my place. It's supposedly an Irish bar, but it has Polish owners (and one Polish super-hot, leggy, long-haired blonde bartender who makes goo-goo eyes at all the pathetic older men who sit at the bar for hours on end simply to stare at her rear end, among other aesthetically pleasing physical attributes). I went there on Friday because I had a chance to see the Mariners win a game on TV. Only dropped money for two beers on this occasion.

Saturday, I joined a gym. Evolution Fitness Center or something. 12-month plan, $54 per month. They just opened 2 weeks ago, so all the equipment is new and there aren't that many members yet. Decent free weight section; the cardio section looks like it'll be difficult to get into once this place catches on with more people. It's open 24 hours during the week, closes at 10pm on weekends. I almost can't wait to get canned from my job so I can go to the gym at 2am on a Wednesday morning.

Body was a little sore going into Sunday, but nothing I can't handle. I need to get these muscles into ass-kicking shape, because they have a punching bag there and me and it are gonna go a few rounds over the coming weeks. You're looking at the next Buster Douglas my friends.

The way I see it, I've gotta get 10 solid workouts per month to make this thing worth my while. Got a good one in on Saturday; planning another one tonight after work.

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