NewYorkSteve (newyorksteve) wrote,

Fucking Fucking Shit

I'm just so fucking disappointed right now. I spent about two hours icing down my ankle, another 15 minutes soaking it in a warm tub, kept it elevated, walked as little as possible on it, and I woke up this morning feeling absolutely unchanged. Begrudgingly, I'm going to have to throw a bunch of rest at this injury and hope it feels better.

I can walk, but it starts progressively hurting the longer I'm on my feet. I can twist my ankle from left to right, so at least it's not one of THOSE sprains. More than anything, it hurts when I bring my foot to a right angle with my leg. I think I strained my achilles tendon, which would explain the flukiness of the injury. I wonder if part of my problem was the fact that I half-assed my stretching.

So, our Internet is on the fritz for real. I thought it might've just been a problem that could've been fixed by unplugging the modem and router for a few hours, but that has failed us. I kinda don't care except for a couple reasons: first, I'm in jeopardy of missing a day of journal posting, which will ruin my streak; and second, I wasn't planning on leaving the apartment on Saturday, so I thought I'd just read the updates of the football games online. I mean, I'm SORTA interested in the Indy/Baltimore game and the Philly/New Orleans game, but they're not match ups I'd go out of my way to see if I didn't have to. Baltimore slows down the game so much, they're never exciting until the fourth quarter; and I think New Orleans is just going to run away from Philly (I mean, SOMEONE has to wake up and realize Jeff Garcia sucks nuts).

This fucking ankle has REALLY gotten me down. I would've felt so much better about things had I just been able to suck it up for the three miles this morning. It seems like every time I want to get back in the swing of things in regards to running, my body betrays me. Oh, I'm sure I'll bounce back, but with these kinds of fucking things, you never know if it's just gonna be a couple days or a couple months. The fact that I can at least walk around pain-free sometimes is a good sign. But, I can't go running on it too early and risk REALLY fucking shit up.

I'm thinking about going to see a movie after work. I kinda want to see this one called "Ever Since The World Ended." It's set in San Francisco, after this plague has wiped out most everything, and it's a fake-documentary of these guys making the first film after the end of the world. Really, it's the only movie that looks good besides MAYBE "Notes on a Scandal."

That's it. Fuck it. Fuck this ankle.

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