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The Golden Pre-Oscar Nomination Brouhaha

Without knowing who's going to be nominated for the Oscars (acknowledging that "The Social Network", "Black Swan", "The King's Speech", "The Figher", "Inception", and "Toy Story 3" will all likely be major players), I feel that this year couldn't BE more cut and dry.

The Social Network WILL win Best Picture. Colin Firth WILL win Best Actor. Pixar WILL win Best Animated Feature. Christian Bale WILL win Best Supporting Actor. One of the women from The Fighter WILL win Best Supporting Actress. Something tells me there will be even less suspense than usual. Something tells me the Golden Globes have beaten us all to the punch once again!

Why does the Academy let them do this year in and year out? You'd think they'd either move up the date, or start choosing VASTLY different winners. Instead, you don't just get a preview of things to come, you get a cheat sheet of all the answers before the teacher has even written the quiz!

But, this year, it's nobody's fault but the movies. Let's take a look.

It's not just hype with The Social Network; this WAS the best film of 2010. Like it or love it, you can't deny it. It's not just the result of rampaging through the Hype Machine either. The Social Network is the most complete film of the bunch. A number of powerhouse performances, explosive Aaron Sorkin dialogue, a plot derived from the most pervasive website of our generation and the battle for its soul between its creators. Timely, impactful, moving, it's got everything any Oscar Winner has ever had. In probably a down year, but still.

The Fighter might be the next on the list, but it's a sports movie - a boxing movie at that - and I just don't think it has what it takes. Black Swan is "The Figher" for women; neither of these movies have that transcendent quality The Social Network has. Inception might be too cool for school or just too weird for school (but this is the case where I would give Best Director to a guy who didn't direct the Best Picture; because Inception is a marvel to behold). And The King's Speech has the Best Actor and nothing else.

Best Actress will actually be the most loaded catagory of the bunch (with Portman, Bening, Michelle Williams, and even Anne Hathaway all proving their worth). I think Portman was deserving of the Globe and will likely be rooting her on for the Oscar (then again, Hathaway's nudeness might prevail for my boner heart if I ever see Love And Other Drugs.

If you just look up and down the list of winners and nominees, most are no-brainers. And that's what I think will happen at the Oscars. Still doesn't squelch my desire to know the nominees. January 25th. The Brouhaha Shall Return!

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