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The Monday Morning Long-Snapper: Best Weekend Ever?

I have this thing about me when it comes to the competitive environment. Especially when it comes to games where I'm forced to hurl balls at or around a target (but if I put my mind to it, I could probably apply it to any number of competitive endeavors). I generally prefer to be on teams deemed "weaker" by an impartial judge, rather than be partnered up with someone generally thought of as "athletic" or "talented". Partially because it's a case of: if you beat us, then so what, you were supposed to beat us; but if we beat you, then that's doubly embarrassing for you and doubly awesome for us. I like that. Kinda takes the pressure off a little bit.

This comes up most often in Backyard Baseball, where growing up I would often take the lamest of my friends (when it comes to sports, anyway), and give Jake's team the better hitter. But, it also comes up when I'm forced to pair off for bowling, or most applicably Beer Pong.

Yes, being the weaker of the teams reduces some of the pressure. But, more often than not, I take that pressure back and put it on my shoulders. I feel like I should be a good enough pitcher (in my back yard, with a tennis ball, against a large plastic bat and a humongous strike zone) to hold the other team at bay single-handedly. I feel like I should be a good enough bowler where, if I'm playing superior competition, I can summon an extra level of technical skill and rip off five or six strikes in a row down the stretch to take the game. And I feel like, if I'm playing Beer Pong with a struggling partner, I should be seasoned enough to make more shots than the other team combined.

Now, whether I do that or not is another matter. Most of the time in Backyard Baseball, I succeeded. More often than not, it went the other way for my team in bowling and pong.

Which is what made Saturday such a refreshing change of pace. To be on a GREAT team, with Chipwich by my side, rendering the more inferior teams completely impotent time and time again ... why, I'm not used to such grand displays of ass-kickery! We were the Globetrotters, they were the Generals! We were Ivan Drago, they were Apollo Creed! We were a horse, they were Christopher Reeve! We were Nazi Germany, they were Poland!

OK, this is getting a little inappropriate.

Kicking ass and taking names aside, I'd say I had a damn fine weekend. It's too soon to say if it was the best ever, but let's roll down the list:

-- Had a mini-party at the Hammer's on Friday night. Lots of drinking, lots of card games, lots of Beer Pong, lots of darts.

-- Picked up my car from Maaco on Saturday morning (the fact that I wasn't hungover shouldn't be lost in this list). It's looking absolutely amazing; much better in person than it looks in pictures.

-- Did the Husky tailgate

-- Huskies won in Double Overtime

-- Made it home Saturday night without passing out at the wheel (not drunk too drunk to drive, as I'd spent about four or five hours sobering up; just really REALLY tired from all that sober-ness)

-- Woke up in time for 10am football

-- Seahawks won in Chicago

-- Saw Iron Man 2

Look, was it perfect? Did I get laid? No. So, it wasn't the Most Perfect Weekend Ever. But still, pretty damn sweet.

As for the car, yeah, it's my favorite. $2,500 will do that to a car. Now, all I need are wheels & tires and I'm all set.

As for everything else: damn shit yeah.

Also, Iron Man 2? It was OH-kay. It would probably help a lot more if I were a huge comic book nerd, but I'm not, so the Avengers or whatever doesn't impress-a-me much.

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