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State Of The Human: Debt Barrage - Twenty Ten

File this one under: "Nobody finds this interesting but me" and also "Overkill - too many posts in one day"

It's not easy to figure out when the last time I gave a status update on my debt situation, mostly because I title these entries so poorly. Fortunately, since I've started tagging this shit, I can figure out a loose guideline so I don't step on my own toes too much.

It was a little hairy there for a while. My Best Possible Scenario Goal was to be debt-free with my 2nd paycheck in May. That would make it May 19th for those counting at home.

That was a longshot - and it may well still be - but with Jazzfest going by the wayside, I'm in this shit now. (of course, Sasquatch still looms, but I'll cross that road when it comes; regardless, it figures to be a minor consequence since camping & tickets have already been paid for)

I was all prepared to coast into June and pay the fucking debt off with that first paycheck (in my bank account on Friday the 4th), to make it easier on me. But, then this whole Vegas thing materialized out of nowhere (essentially because Eddie went and proposed out of nowhere) and now the crunch is really ON.

I mean, what a morale boost! If I can do this pig in the face by the end of May, if I can see the month of June arrive without a hangman's noose around my neck, if I can go to Vegas not only NOT in the hole, but with a fat wad of cash to boot ... I may just buy a round of CBJ's for the house!

Here's where we stand: I owe approximately $3800. With my next paycheck, I'll make the minimum payment (where ~$200 goes to paying down the principal) and I'll sock ~$300 for plane tickets to Vegas. That puts me at $3600, with ~$600 sitting there.

Then, with April's 2nd check, I'll drop $1000 solely on the principal, leaving me owing $2600. May's 1st check will have me making the minimum payment again, dropping me down to $2400.

It's that amount that we're going to see going into May's 2nd check. With the $1000 I have earmarked, that leaves me owing $1400. I SHOULD have at least that much saved from the previous three checks, which I can just tack on to the remaining principal, paying the entire fucker off and leaving me with ~$0.00 left over. In theory.

With that out of the way, June's first check will be all gravy. Well, part gravy. See, in my zeal to pay off the debt I have that's accruing interest, I may have to temporarily use my credit card those last days in May to stay afloat. However, THAT particular credit card debt can easily be paid off with my first check in June, before an interest payment is tacked on.

Regardless, it's going to be lean times ahead the next two months. We're really down to the nitty and the gritty, as they say.

Which will make it all worthwhile come June 4th, when I'll have cash in the bank that I can take with me to Vegas.

And that will make it even MORE worthwhile come June 19th, when I'm smack dab in the middle of Vegas, and check #2 comes in.

Something tells me I'll need to sock a couple hundred bucks worth of those June checks into my savings account so I don't go CBJing my way back into crippling debt

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