June 17th, 2009


2 Days, 8 Hours, 39 Minutes

Do you ever get the feeling that people have too much opportunity to say what's on their minds now that we have Internet?

Let's face it, most people are ignorant. They're stuffy in their beliefs and almost always unwilling to keep an open mind about anything. They listen to their Talking Head Of Choice on cable news or talk radio and they feel they have as much right to spread forth the Opinion Du Jour as the professionals they listen to.

There's a reason certain people are paid money to spout their opinions on TV and radio and certain people are not. Some are smart and articulate, some are smart and controversial, some are ignorant and controversial, but the bottom line is: they have followings and those followings generate money for the corporations who own them.

Joe Everyman does not.

And yet, seemingly every article I read has the option at the end for the readers to leave their comments. Most are insignificant, many are downright asinine, and they all have one thing in common: All Are Complete Wastes Of Time!

Since this is the Internet, and on the Internet we have a little thing like anonymity (should we so desire), you don't have to be held accountable for the stupid things you say. You're free to sign up for that particular website as DirtyDave142 when your real name is Frank Reynolds and say as much dumb shit as you want with no one being the wiser.

If they regulated the Internet, and forced everyone to have a username and an online identity that was identical to their real-life identity, maybe we wouldn't have so many stupid assholes commenting on shit they know nothing about. Or spreading their racist, homophobic, mysogynist, or ultra conservative/liberal bullshit propaganda.

This also ties in, in a way, to the idea of blogging. While there's certainly no such thing as a professional blogger (discounting the money that can be made in such a profession), there definitely is a right way and a wrong way to blog. Essentially, the rule of thumb being: The More Outrageous, The Better.

You blog to inform as quickly as possible (or as quickly as you wish). You can be the Scoop Guy who breaks news before everyone else; or you can be the Funny Guy who makes you laugh along with the news; or you can be the Controversial Guy who makes outrageous claims and insinuations about people or whatever.

I find the blog distinct from the Journal or Diary in this one major way: blogging is about news. What's happening right now; before it hits the papers. If you're not breaking news in some sort of fashion, then you're keeping a journal. I would amend that to say, if you're not CONSISTENTLY breaking news in some sort of fashion.

Which is why people can complain about me and people of my ilk for saturating the Internet with a bunch of useless words, but I'm not blogging, I'm keeping a journal of my thoughts, feelings, and happenings. I'm not looking for mainstream readership like a blogger might. Because bloggers are breaking news and want that news to reach as many eyes as possible so their profile can skyrocket.

As it stands though, there are still probably too many blogs and bloggers out there, but I wouldn't really know, because I read like two of them. And they're sister-blogs. And I wouldn't even be reading them at all if they weren't often hilarious.

Whatever, I'm just killing time until lunch. I'm so close to Vegas I can taste it.