June 16th, 2009


3 Days, 10 Hours, 31 Minutes

The plan for the week: get as ready for the grind in Vegas as possible.

The first thing I did in preparation was to pre-bowl - for this Thursday's bowling match - on Sunday. A critical element, since on normal Thursdays I'm not home until 11pm or later, netting me garbage sleep before Friday. With Friday being of utmost importance to kicking off the weekend in ravishing fashion, I can't be dragging ass because of lack of sleep.

Healthwise, I'm taking a two-pronged attack. First, Sunny D. That'll give me the Vitamin C I need throughout the week to keep my body chock full of those glorious nutrients. Also, on the food front, I'm eating healthier lunches. Salmon and wild rice, made from home. I'm confident this will not backfire in any way.

I also requested to take off Friday a few hours early. Noon, to be precise. To prepare for this, I'm forced to work 3 and a half extra hours over the next three days. I'm thinking, one hour today, two hours tomorrow, and a half hour on Thursday.

Then, there's the requisite amount of packing required. With my free Thursday, I'll have plenty of time to do laundry. And with the long afternoon on Friday, I'll have plenty of time to pack a small bag and make sure I have all essentials.

Physically, I'm making sure to get some exercise in this week. Yesterday, not only did I do thirty plus minutes jogging on the treadmill after work, but I also took it upon myself to walk all three miles home. There are some hefty hills on that walk home, so it shouldn't be a shock to the system when I do an assload of walking this weekend. I plan to replicate this tomorrow (I have a flag football game tonight to cover me there).

Comically, I'll be ready with a steady barrage of quotes from the movie The Hangover when I go to see it a second time on Thursday after work. Really, this wasn't a necessary part of the plan, but Mark wanted to see it and I told him I'd go too.

I've got my ticket info printed out. I've got travel arrangements to and from the airport set in stone. I don't think I ever have or ever will again be more prepared for a trip than I am for this one.

Some Things To Make Damn Sure I Don't Forget:

Phone Charger
Mic (in case a podcast we happen to spring)
Fancy Hat
Black Pants
Button Down Shirt
Black Shoes
Cargo Shorts
Cut-off T-shirt
Swim Shorts (just in case)
Boxers & Socks
Dress Socks
Money, in Cash Form

Suntan Spray
Liquor (rum probs)
Mixers (cherry 7up hopefully)
Crackers (or some food to keep in hotel room)