May 19th, 2009


Before I Go

Those Melvins tickets are as good as mine in t-minus one hour. Hot dog!

A little shake-up in the plans for the weekend, as Nate no longer wants to go. Until I hear different, I'm taking that to mean he doesn't want to spend two consecutive weekends away from his ladyfriend.


For the "Friends" illiterate, that's the sound you make when someone is whipped.

Man, I really wish I could take one of Nate's tickets and magically turn it into a Day 3 ticket. It looks like I'll be able to sell one of them right away, but that's going to leave me with a Day 2 ticket and presumably no takers. The week is early though.

I guess this means my Camaro is going to make the long trip over the mountains and through the woods. Should be OK just as long as it's the three of us. I'm gonna have to remember a tent ... although, it might just be easier to pass out inside the car ...

Decisions decisions.

I'm still excited. Fuck it. Music and booze and SO MUCH MORE I CAN'T STAND IT WHY WON'T THIS WEEK END ALREADY???