April 16th, 2009



This has been the longest day in the history of DAYS. Christ. And it's not like the day is particularly bad or anything. It's just TAKING . FOREVER . to finish.

And I got my glasses back and there's something seriously wrong with them. Depth perception is all out of whack, mostly when I look at the ground it looks like the ground is closer than it really is. Like, you know when you're trudging through knee-high snow: your feet are on the ground, but all your eyes see as "ground level" is the snow that's about two feet higher than where your feet are. It's like that.

And when I called the eyeglasses place to complain, they tried to blow it off as "normal". They said to not wear them for the rest of the day, then try them out for a week and if it's still wonky then come back. It will be wonky. I will have to come back. Which sucks because I was hoping to have them for New Orleans, but I guess that's out. I'll have to stick with the old frames for the time being. I just hate the rigamarole, but I guess I'll play along. I mean, I'm supposedly dealing with experts, right?

And in case you're wondering, this is where I keep the podcasts. We've got a total of four; hoping to do one more tomorrow evening.

And I think, on a whim, I'm going to go to the Mariners game tonight. I should probably be working out, or sleeping, but I'm not. Too bad. Actually, sleep might decide to take charge when I get home if this fucking day doesn't end soon. God I hate everything about work.

And I'm done for now.