February 17th, 2009

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Canada Has The Best Simpsons Re-Runs

I took it upon myself to take it easy this weekend. Not that my life is all that stressful in the grand scheme, but still, it's enough. It's also enough to just want to get away. Unfortunately, I can't afford the cost of an impromptu road trip to San Francisco. And it's still too cold to do anything nature-related. Tacoma is pretty much right in my wheelhouse.

But, before all of that, there was the UW game at noon on Saturday. Mark got tickets so I got to see us roll over Oregon on the house. Pretty boring game, but still, go Dawgs. We followed that up with 4 beers at Shultzy's. At that point, it was a 50/50 proposition between me finishing the afternoon drunk in the U-District or sobering up and driving down to Tacoma. I landed somewhere in the middle. Actually, not really. I just had one more beer because I needed to use a restroom ... counterproductive, I know. Then, I took a trip down memory lane at Cellophane Square - throwing down WAY more money on CDs than I should have, but who gives a fuck? I've got it. Landed an Electric Six album, as well as efforts by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Fiery Furnaces, Mark Lanegan, and a collection of techno remixes by the lead singer of LCD Soundsystem. In addition to that, I've got the DVD of the Flaming Lips movie "Christmas On Mars" and the accompanying soundtrack. Excellent.

Then I made a run to Target to stock up on some essentials. And THEN I went home to Tacoma.

Sunday was lunch with mom, bowling for my cousin's birthday party, beer and bowling with my dad and brother, followed by extended drinking and watching the European World Series of Poker until 2am.

Monday was the REAL silver tuna though. House to myself and nothing to do thanks to the President's Day holiday. Best part of the weekend: discovering my old VHS-taped collection of Beavis & Butthead episodes, without commercials. That was a solid 3 hours of afternoon fun right there. Then it was dinner at dad's, a long drive home, and in bed by 8:30pm.

Now, since I'm starving, I'm off to eat dinner. Don't wait up.
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