February 9th, 2009

Don't Hassle the Hoff

The Grammys Are A Rotting Pile Of Stinking Shit & Other Things I Ignored This Weekend

I got to try Ethiopian food on Saturday for the first time. Color me unimpressed. I feel that, even though it's run by real-life Ethiopians, I still got gypped in some way. I mean, you can take away all the utensils and make us eat with our hands all you want, but I just wonder how much of everything was Americanized to make it more palatable to a Seattle audience. The meat was pretty good, flavorful, a little spicy but not too bad; the vegetables were pointless at best - okra, green beans, iceberg salad - being of the same variety you could get at any Denny's; and the lumps of pureed legumes were ... there.

Anyway, this was Josh's birthday dinner. When I get a birthday dinner, I'll most likely choose Red Lobster, yet I still consider myself the more cultural of the two.

In addition, the night saw us drink heavily, play lots of games, and try to watch a movie before the 3 o'clock hour saw us tired, hungry, and for one of us: puking. Not me. And not the Hammer.

Sunday ... pretty much was a day wasted. See, I bought my dad a box for Christmas. And this box, when you plug it into the TV, will help you play those Netflix "Watch Now" movies right there in your living room. It's really quite genius, but there's only one catch: you need a wireless router. So, last weekend, my dad bought the wireless router - a D-Link piece of shit - and I hooked it up. No Internet. Then, I called Devin and sought his counsel over the phone. Two hours later: No Internet. Then, yesterday, I got Devin to come down with me to Tacoma to get a handle on this thing face-to-face. No Internet. We took the D-Link piece of shit back to Office Depot and replaced it with the very same model to make sure it wasn't just the router. No Internet. Finally, we took THAT one back to Office Depot, bought an awesome Linksys that costs $65 more, and LO and BEHOLD: Internet.

So that took 90,000 hours. In the process though, Devin and I came within one half-slice away from finishing an entire jumbo Godfather's pizza with pepperoni and black olives. I won't say who didn't finish the half-slice, but I will say that my conscience is clear.

On the work front, today went pretty well. In some respects, it was a really light day, but then again, I still had a bunch of little things to do to keep me busy. I think I'm getting more and more comfortable by the day.

On the everything else front: I hope the Huskies don't have to play Cal in the Pac-10 tournament, because seriously our defense isn't that hot.
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