January 18th, 2009


You Shook Me, Babe

I miss writing. I got to do it today in a couple coffee shops and really made some headway on a story. Sure, it's probably not any good, but it's a story, from beginning to end, and it's the first thing I've written in weeks.

I'm sober right now, and yet I spent nearly $30 on alcohol tonight. Somehow, that ain't right.

I'm alone; Nate went to bed minutes ago. How many minutes, I can't say, but I bet we're bordering on 15 to 20. I opted to DD for him because he's always doing so for me; it's a fair trade.

I spent much of the night playing pool, kicking ass with Eric, with a chance to go 5-0 I knocked the cue-ball into the pocket on an 8-ball shot. Ooops, my bad; then I spent the subsequent hour or so watching the shit while everybody else went to the dance-room and danced their asses off. At least the music was awesome; oh wait, no, it sucked balls. The band Journey is the reason God invented Cigarette Breaks. I'd never wanted a smoke more in my life.

Ian's right, smoking is a great conversation starter, a great way to meet interesting people, and a far more enjoyable way to spend 10 minutes than standing in a crowded, sweaty room grinding away on girls who want nothing to do with your genitals on their thighs. Unfortunately for me, I've given up smoking, so I've got that going for me.

Apparently tomorrow we're going to the gym to do some cardio. I'm overweight and underconfident, so every little bit helps I guess. Hey, I'm a realist, what can I say?

This isn't really writing; this is just killing time until my pizza is ready. Not going to bed hungry tonight, don't care to.

We had Thai food tonight and I had a fish. Talapia. Not breaded, not baked, whole. With its head and tail intact. I shit you not; I'm still picking bones out of my teeth. Spiciest damned thing those Asians have ever given me; knowing me, that means a lot - I'm the guy who cakes his o'brien hash browns with cayenne pepper.

I was gonna go home next weekend and do some more writing, but it looks like that plan fell through. Perhaps the following weekend ... but that's Super Bowl Sunday. I think I owe the NFL royalties for mentioning the Super Bowl. Fuck me, I said it again.