December 18th, 2008

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Snow Day In Beacon Hill


Ever hear thunder in a snow storm? We got to experience it over here, pretty much directly above where I live. It could've been a bomb, but I didn't hear any of the aftermath of a bomb like shards of building falling, people screaming, and the biggest tell-tale: more bombs. It could've been a semi-truck crashing full speed into our apartment building, but you'd expect to hear screeching of tires or something. Nevertheless, this wasn't your ordinary, run o' the mill thunder. This was an explosion in the sky. That was 5:30am or so; a couple minutes later I noticed a flash followed immediately by another explosion, this one a little further south of where I rested my head, then I didn't hear anything until 6:07.

On the sports radio station I heard the Groz, filling in for Mitch in the Morning, talking about how hard it was to walk to work with so much snow on the ground. "Oh great. I wonder if they'll close school today." I went into the living room to try to get details, try to get some news on downtown. Were people going in to work today? Is this what's considered a Disaster Area? Should I fortify my perimeter?

I couldn't find the number to the hotline for Nordstrom until I was already at my bus stop, but it was no use. Everyone at Nordstorm is working normal hours. If they can make it in, that is. The West Seattle Bridge was closed; cars were abandoned on the freeways; more or less everyone was fucked.

The people I saw waiting at my bus stop had apparently been there for some time. One of the guys called his boss to tell him there hadn't been any bus coming or going in the last half hour, then he went back home. I waited another 30 minutes because the tracks in the snow indicated that very large tires had pulled into the area where a bus would normally stop to pick up passengers. After that 30, I called my boss, told her I'd be late, then decided to go back home. Initially, my plan was to watch The Dark Knight, eat a little breakfast, then try again around 10:30 or 11. Halfway through the movie I lost any will I'd had to wear pants, so on came the Long Johns and the long-sleeve shirt. And as everybody knows, when I'm wearing the Long Johns, I'm not leaving the apartment for the rest of the day.

Incidentally, around 11 I got a call from my boss who said to not bother coming in, because they were sending everyone home. Ha, suckers. They don't call me the Wildcard for nothing, every once in a while I have a good idea that catches on like wildfire.

So, now it's almost 1. I finished watching The Dark Knight, I finished scanning some more old family photos, and I got a call in to my mom for good measure. I don't know what the rest of the day holds, but I've already been more productive than I ever thought possible
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