October 5th, 2008


Beacon Hill Living

Dusk descends upon the exposed nape of Seattle, baring its fangs while soothing its victim with a hushing "It's all right; it'll all be over soon." I sit in the crappy IKEA chair I purchased specifically for my house in West Seattle three years ago; since I returned from New York, this is the first time my ass has come into contact with this particular chair. It doesn't sit quite as upright as it used to.

Outside my living room window - a square, curtainless 5 x 5 foot opening to my immediate right - I see the lights of Safeco Field, and a little corner of water behind it. Had we gotten one of the apartments on the third floor, our balcony would open to this delightful scene. As it stands, our balcony - directly behind me - faces what appears to be one-half of an unkempt gully leading up to more "affordable housing." This same affordable housing - home to the degenerate fucks who broke into Nate's car two days ago, stealing his Mac Book - requires us to keep our apartment securely locked at all times, with nothing in our vehicles when parked in broad daylight. Meth must be an awesome drug experience.

In front of me, the north-western corner of our apartment, we have a bare white wall where a television would naturally fit. Preferably a flat-screen, over 32 inches, with a DVD player and 95 channels of cable at our disposal.

To cope with our first weekend in our new apartment - when he's not playing video games or I'm not putting together a desk or a queen-sized bed with my dad - we've been listening to lots of music from my iPod via my iHome docking station. And we've been playing games - War, Crazy 8's, Speed, Casino, Trivial Pursuit, Blindfolded Nude Greased-Up Grab-Ass - and drinking alcoholic beverages.

I went shopping yesterday, spending over $117, and there's still nothing in my fridge but jars of pickles, condoments, and iced tea. For eats: Generic Frosted Flakes, bread and ham for lunchtime sandwiches, White Castle Hamburgers, Frozen Obrien Hash Browns, and a big salad I invented consisting of lettuce, spinach, olives, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, red bell pepper, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and Paul Newman Vinegarette dressing.

By the way, while we shopped at the West Seattle Safeway - because the only nearby decent supermarket is surrounded by people who live in Affordable Housing and ergo means they don't have any good shit worth buying - I made a good joke. There's a brand of paper towels that goes by the name of "Thirsty" so I talked Nate in getting a 12-pack by saying, "These amazing deals on paper towels are making me Thirsty!" Go ahead, I'll give you a few minutes to stop roflyao-ing.

I'm in the living room with my laptop because we have wireless Internet. This is where my laptop will be until I need to masturbate to Internet porn, in which case I shall take it into my bedroom where I'll have a little more privacy. The walls out here don't have a whole lotta shit on them yet. My Rainier Goose is prominent, as usual. Nate has a clock. I've got a couple small, plastic-encased, classic movie posters staring at each other at the edge of the kitchen like those statues from The Neverending Story. Then, in the hall by the front door, I have a couple of my framed pictures. One of Jimi, the other of the cast from Easy Rider. I don't want to go overboard; no regular-sized posters made the move with me at this time.

Television and DVD player aside, we still need a coffee table. And to get rid of Nate's chair because our living room isn't all that big (this room ain't big enuff for two chairs and a Futon). And I desperately DESPERATELY need shelving for my bedroom because I have tons of knick-knack-patty-wacks to set up and marvel at (oh, by the way, I still got the biggest sack).

But, we're all set other than that. Home. A resident of Seattle once again. And when I go to REI to buy a helmet, I can ride my bike to work. It's gonna be awesome floss'em.
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