September 7th, 2008


Fiction: Staying Busy, part VIII - Meeting Mickie

Many, many sheets to the wind, chock full of happy pills, Captain Barnabas strutted about Palace Defcon in his zebra boxers and his open silk robe. He really greased his chest up good before coming downstairs and encouraged the scantily clad partiers to rub their fingers on his abundant hair-filled follicles. The Ecstacy & Underwear Party, a social gathering that put most Playboy Mansion parties to shame. Sexy, skimpy lingerie on the women; bulging Speedos for the men; a 3-to-1 vagina-to-sausage ratio.

Condoms full of white tablets resided all around the house like perverse cornucopias. Eventually, the night would devolve into quite the orgy, spilling over from the pool to the living room to the kitchen to one of the dozens of other rooms around the house. With no shame, C.B. sported a noticable erection through most of the night, poking random ladies from behind when they weren't looking, to giggling delight. "Oh Barnaby, you're terrible!"

Barnables couldn't tell the high-priced whores from the women just there to have a good time; Aaron made it a point of emphasis to keep the guest lists ever-changing. So, Barnables assumed anyone he talked to had a price. As the night progressed, C.B. made sure to stay hydrated. He walked around chugging bottles of water, eyeing the top prize, the pick of the litter, the one he'd take to bed very, very soon.

That's when he noticed a most eye-catching long-haired brunette. She stood out not just because she wore a minimal amount of makeup, nor because she was freckled like a red-head, nor because her eyes were bigger than many Martian renditions. She was the party's sore thumb because she wore all-encompassing, immaculately white granny panties with a cleavage-covering 'Cross Your Heart' wire bra. Everything else about her - the 110-pound body on the 5'8" frame, her glowing aura of cheery personality, the mild imperfections that only served to make her more endearing - screamed: Tidal Wave! A crashing, unstoppable force of nature who could mow down any man in her path and have them jumping back in for more. And here she was, surrounded by insecure model-types, dressed like she was looking for a bland gray pantsuit for an upcoming day of work as a court reporter. All she needed was the bun in her hair with two ballpoint pens keeping it intact.

Captain Barnabas locked eyes with her and marched right over. Properly medicated with pharmaceutical confidence - normally, Aaron's the one bringing the women to HIM - C.B. asked her for her name. "Mickie," she replied, extending a hand that he took, on which he planted a kiss to her unexpected delight. "As in, 'You're so fine you blow my mind'?" he said. She smiled, "Yeah, only with an i-e at the end." "Do you know who I am?" "I think I do," she said, "but why don't you refresh me as to what you're going by tonight?" With a grin on his face, he squinted slightly, "You wanna come with me?" "Sure." He took her hand and led her upstairs.

In his post-famous life, Barnables had bedded some of the most beautiful up-and-coming strippers and whores Southern California had ever seen. After a few years, he'd grown accustomed, even managed to hold his own as he held out from ejaculation. But, something about Mickie had him prematurely coming like he did back in college. "I apologize," he said. "I don't know what's wrong with me." "Oh, that's all right," she said, snuggling up next to him.

"So Mickie, what brings you here tonight?" "I heard from Aaron that these parties are pretty wild and crazy. I couldn't resist." "Yeah, but, you don't strike me as ... you don't seem to be like the other women here." "No, I doubt I'm like them at all. Probably because I have a brain and use it." "Is that a fact?" he said, starting to fall in love with her already. "Well, yeah. I even read all your books." "Oh," he said, pulling away. "Don't worry, I'm not a starfucker or anything. I just ... wonder why you don't write anymore." "Aside from being vilified from every possible angle?" "Fuck all that. You should start writing again." "To tell you the truth," he said, "I've never really stopped."

Mickie kissed him long on the mouth, then rolled over and got out of bed. "How much do I owe?" he said. "I'm not one of your whores," she said, without an ounce of indignation. "I better be going just the same, though. Before Aaron finds out I'm here."

"Aaron?" he said, sitting up. "Who cares if Aaron knows you're here?" "Well ... he'll probably care," she said, putting on her bra and panties. "We've kinda been going out off and on for a while now." "Then ... what the fuck?" Mickie crawled back onto the bed, kissing him again. She released, smiling and sincere, "I just had to be with you. Aaron's told me everything about you." Bewildered, Barnables said, "If that were true, there's no way in hell you'd be HERE right now."

At the door, Mickie turned her head around, brushing the hair away from her face. Her look incorporated longing, love, and sympathy in equal doses. "Good night, Kurt."