August 26th, 2008

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Jury Duty Day 6 - Exonerated!

Another half day, another afternoon spent in the comfort of my own home. I'm never going to adjust to a real working day after this whole Jury Duty thing.

In at 9am after a punishing morning shit and a criminally short shower, I only had to sit around the requisite half hour before we were back up in court. More questioning, more sitting around, more tedious answers.

I had two opportunities to speak today, which actually made things a little more tolerable. First, as kind of a throw-away question, one of the lawyers asked us what our hobbies were, outside of watching movies and reading books and the like. Well, let me step back, because I also had an answer to a previous question about What Books We Read. I said, "Mostly early-to-mid 20th century literature, but I was weaned on Stephen King in my formative years." Then, as far as hobbies go, I had this gem of an answer:

"Well, I'm a mediocre bowler and an avid weekend beer-drinker."

The lawyer said he didn't know that was considered a hobby, but I nodded emphatically that it indeed is. Then, the prosecution asked if any of us had been arrested for anything, so I got to tell my M.I.P. story, which I think fits nicely with my hobby as an alcoholic. They would've been insane to pick me for this jury. In fact, nobody in my entire ROW was picked; the highest number out of the 40 was juror number 32 as an alternate.

So, my job can't say I didn't do my best to get out of this thing. I picked my spots to tell the truth, and bada bing bada boom, I was outta there before noon.

On a side note, I think there were three gentlemen and eleven ladies (including two alternate jurors) picked, with the vast majority being those with graying hair. There WAS one "student" who got picked as an alternate, but other than him, we're talking middle age or older ... so I guess my theory from yesterday bears fruit.

Nothing else to say, really. I have to call in tonight and see if I'm a part of tomorrow's pool. If not, I'll go to work and check again the next day.
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