June 10th, 2008


She Uses Vaseline

I was really insomniatic for the first time in a long time last night. Do you ever feel like you're missing out on something great that's going on because you're cooped up at home being a good little boy or girl getting 8 hours of sleep on a work night, causing you to toss and turn until you get out of bed, write really hectic e-mails, then go out and watch TV until midnight when you've got to be up at a quarter to 6? No, nothing really got accomplished, but then again, I finally managed to get to sleep.

I've been very antsy lately and that's probably because I've been on the same routine for a while now. Nothing has been shaken up in the least. Maybe this weekend I'll get out of the house and observe nature. Maybe I'll go see a movie. Maybe.

I did get a chance to go to Easy Street Records last Saturday. That was fun, even though I really had to poop the entire time. I still came away with some Flaming Lips cds I'd yet to own as well as a live Built To Spill record with two out of nine songs lasting over 19 minutes (including a cover of Neil Young's 'Cortez The Killer'). I also got the new Roots album. Good stuff.

Macho Cheese is number one in the Pinheads bowling league. In four weeks, we've gone 2-1 every week for an 8-4 record. Tomorrow is the 9-pin no-tap game again, where last time I recorded a 300-game. I probably won't get another 300-game, but you never know. I just hope my extremely high average doesn't screw over the team. Just means I'll have to live up to the hype, that's all.

These could be the last NBA finals I ever actively watch. The trial over the Sonics begins on Monday the 16th. I'm gonna go to the rally and raise hell with the other Sonics fans who want to keep the team in Seattle. I highly recommend as many people as possible do the same, but I highly doubt they will. Maybe we'll riot in the streets. Who knows?

People are getting sick from tomatoes! Taco Del Mar has gone so far as to take them out of their burritos for the time being, meaning my unhealthy treat has just gotten that much more unhealthy. I don't know how I feel about that, but I do know that I like my tomaters and somebody's head will fucking roll if I don't get 'em back!

Fuck it, I'm tired. I hate everything and everybody. God damn ... GOD DAMN ... the oil man. My Camaro comes back to life this week everybody. I'm here to tell you: fuck y'all, I'm driving! Gas prices will go up tenfold once I'm draining my hog on the open road! SUV motherfuckers won't get to have all the fun any longer. Cocksuckers. The Earth's gonna burn and man's gonna fall and I'm here to say with a grin and a chuckle that I don't care!