May 21st, 2008


I'm Gonna Be Perfect From Now On

I'm gonna be perfect starting ... NOW!

Let me apprise you of the intricacies of 9-Pin No-Tap bowling. I don't know what the No-Tap portion means, but the 9-Pin means that if you bowl a 9 on your first roll, it counts as a strike.

It's not as easy as it sounds, but it should still make your average score much, much better.

Let's say, for the sake of this bowling league (Pinheads), my average is a 147. Because it is. Well, in my first game of 9-Pin No-Tap I got a 164, mostly because I got a spare in the 9th and three strikes in the 10th to give me 50 more points than I had in the 8th. In my second game I rolled a 198, a mere spare on the 10th frame from getting a 200 game for the first time, No-Tap or otherwise.

In my third game I rolled a 300. Let me say that again.

In my third game I rolled a freakin' 300!

What does a 300 game (No-Tap or otherwise) look like? Well, I got real strikes in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, and the first roll of my 10th. I got 9s elsewhere. In theory, in a real game, had I gotten all my spares on those 9s (not counting the final 9 which would be a 1), I would've rolled best-case-scenario a 227, which is far-and-away the best game I've ever rolled.

What does a 300 game (No-Tap or otherwise) feel like? Well, I was pretty calm and collected through the first 9 rounds. I didn't go all superstitious on it; I wasn't like a pitcher throwing a no-hitter (in this sense, it'd be like a pitcher getting a strikeout on 2 strikes). But, in the 10th it was another animal all together. I kept envisioning myself pushing one of my arcing balls over to the right too far. Strike one. Then I kept thinking about rolling an 8 with one pin wobbling. Strike two (9-pin). Then my body got totally numb and I just hoped I didn't pass out. Strike three (9-pin).

Handshakes all around! With me getting the 300 game, I kept our team in it enough to pull us within 50 points of the other team. Since they'd killed us in the second game, and we edged them out in the first game, WITH OUR 55.8 PIN HANDICAP, Macho Cheese (me, The Hammer, Jake & Lee Ann) came out of it with a 2-1 victory for the second week in a row!

I might add, it was my 50-point swing at the end of the first game that pushed us over the top there as well. Jake was a steady freddy, but I was the wildcard that led us to victory!

Game 1

Macho Cheese - 587; Split Happens - 566

Lee Ann - 90
The Hammer - 147
Steve - 164
Jake - 186

Game 2

Macho Cheese - 622; Split Happens - 779

Lee Ann - 140
The Hammer - 111
Steve - 198
Jake - 173

Game 3

Macho Cheese - 691; Split Happens - 741

Lee Ann - 123
The Hammer - 102
Steve - 300
Jake - 166

I got the print-out of my Perfect Game if anybody wants to see it. It kinda looks like this:

X | X | NX | X | X | NX | X | X | NX | NXXX