May 13th, 2008


Male + Bosoms = Mosoms

Psyche! JK! My phone still works, it just hiccupped, thass all.

I've got to write a 10-minute post here before I go home. Let's roll.

Tomorrow's the big first day of Bowling League. Name: Pinheads (clever = eff no)

15 Weeks, 1-5 = regular bowling, three games per night per person
6-10 = first ball rolled that gets 8 pins or more = strike
11-15 = cosmic-esque bowling for money

I'm kinda excited but I'm also kinda worried that I'll suck major ass. Then I remember, we all suck major ass, so whatevs.

The Mariners blow. It's not even fun to watch anymore. Someone should just call up the entire minor leagues and get rid of this bunch of losers we've got now.

I'm supposed to get the new Death Cab For Cutie CD today, on account of it being released today, but that's cutting heavily into my sitting around doing nothing time. Of which I cherish every minute.

Big meeting tomorrow, I don't want to toot any horns here, but if I'm not Employee of the Month of April, then I'm a Chinaman. That having been said, I wish they wouldn't make such a big damn deal about it. I'm gonna be in front of the entire office. Kill me now.

I gotta go, I'm bored.