April 30th, 2008



I'm feeling rough
I'm feeling raw
I'm in the prime of my life

I can't really judge my life in regular terms because work takes up an overwhelming amount of my time, like it or not. Lately I've just been trying to get through it as mindlessly as possible, listening to as much iPod as possible, reading as much as possible, and chatting up Jake and Lee Ann on the train ride home as much as possible.

Let's make some music
Make some money
Find some models for wives

Therefore, the only pertinent portion of my life to talk about - aside from the new music I'm cobbling together or the Mariners season sputtering to start or the NBA playoffs enjoyable for the first time since I'm 15 or the movies in theaters I'm not going to see - is the weekends.

I'll move to Paris
Shoot some heroin
And fuck with the stars

In that sense, I've been on about a 2-month bender. Rare is the occasion I drink during the week, but as soon as Friday or Saturday comes around, you're as likely to find me with a beer as you are finding me inhaling and exhaling air. After all, you can't rightly go to a bowling alley without partaking in a few pitchers of Bud Light; and you surely can't watch R.A. Dickey start for the Mariners without Dim Sum and a 12-pack of Wingwalker; and what's the point of watching 'Smokin' Aces' unless you're drinking every time someone says Israel?

This is our decision
To live fast and die young
We've got the vision, now let's have some fun

No, it's not particularly healthy. Sure, it's worked potential wonders for my bowling game, but my peace of mind is at an end. I'm in need of a trial separation from booze and hangovers and late-night binging and waking up 8 hours before I'm supposed to go back to bed for work the next day.

Yeah it's overwhelming
But what else can we do
Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute

So this weekend I'm taking time out for other things. Get away from the city, pick up a different hobby or two. Hug some trees, smell some roses, shoot some pictures, and remember what life was like back when my head was clear and I wasn't surrounded by bullshit.
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