March 23rd, 2008


If You're Like Me

I'm not usually a very big fan of my birthday because I don't feel like it's necessarily something that's worthy of celebrating. Rescuing someone from a burning building, getting a coveted new job or promotion, winning a spelling bee or a hot dog eating contest, THESE are things worthy of celebrating. Arbitrarily not dying over a course of 365 days doesn't really feel like that big of an accomplishment.

Besides, I'm not very comfortable being the center of attention. And generous acts of kindness always make me question whether or not I'm holding up my end of the bargain. What have I done to deserve these friends in my life? These people who'd fly across the country, who'd go out of their way to make me feel accepted and loved and who'd even get me thoughtful gifts to further express this feeling.

We had an unprecedented turn-out on Friday; I would've gladly taken a fraction and been ecstatic, but what we had was above and beyond what I could've possibly expected.

I like to think I have plenty of shortcomings in life that I hide behind and use as excuses for not getting what I want, but what I have in great abundance are Grade A quality friends for life and like I said before, I don't know what I ever did to deserve 'em, but rest assured that I'm more grateful than they could ever possibly imagine. You can look back on life and wish that you'd had more money, a better body, a more fulfilling career, or a longer laundry list of poontang-experienced, but ultimately you can only really judge yourself on the people you have in your life and the shared memories of good times had. Everything else on that list might temporarily bring you satisfaction, but ultimately that feeling fades back into emptiness, and if you don't have caring individuals in your life, all the money, abs, and easy women in the world won't mean dick.

Of course, that's all been said before, my people more or less eloquent than myself. All I have to add is that if a person's worth is ultimately only judged by the friends he keeps, then you can pencil me in as the next coverboy for Forbes Magazine, because the people of the world are gonna want to take notes. If you're like me, then you've got everything you need standing right there in the Sunset Bowl parking lot, singing Happy Birthday and giving you the greatest birthday present anyone could ever receive.

I also got an iPod Shuffle, a couple gift cards, a Washington Husky blanket, and a calendar full of Hawaiian babes in bikinis. All extremely thoughtful and useful, all paling in comparison to the people standing before me.