January 29th, 2008


Now It's My Nausea: The Impending Workaday Schedule

I had to check the old LJ because I couldn't remember if I used to go to work (when I used to work in Seattle) at 8 or 9am. There's another thing New York has all over Seattle, even the most muckity-muck corporations don't roll into work until 9:15, 9:30.

8am means I have to leave on the 590 bus sometime before 7am (fortunately, at this time of morning, it leaves every 5 minutes from the Tacoma Dome).

Now, to get to the Tacoma Dome, I can drive there (supposing it's a free Park & Ride) or I can catch the 13 bus about a mile away from my house at 6:10am (this would likely involve parking my car in front of Jake's house and walking a short distance).

The 13 gets me to the Tacoma Dome at 6:35am and the Trip Planner says it takes approximately 20 minutes to walk from Tacoma Dome Station Zone D to Tacoma Dome Station Zone B, but I'm assuming that's 20 minutes in Fatty Time. So, to be generous, let's say it takes me 10 minutes.

With a 590 bus leaving every 5 minutes from 6:45 to 7:00, I'll be getting to within two blocks of my work approximately an hour after departure.

This leaves me with my one plausible option - one I haven't been subjected to since living in Renton with Jake - that being a daily early-morning run. So, I'm leaving my house at 5:55am (to be safe). Counting backward, that means I have to be at home after the run at 5:30am for shower and changing.

That means I have to leave for the track at around 4:30am (this includes running time and walking-to-get-there-and-back time).

That means I have to be awake at 4am to properly be awake for my run.

That means I have to be asleep the night before at approximately 8pm to get my full allotment of 8 hours sleep.

To recap:

Awake at 4am
Running from 4:30 - 5:30
Leave Home @ 5:55am
Return Home @ (assuming I'm allowed a 30-minute lunch as opposed to a 60 minute one) 6:40pm
Asleep at 8pm

This weekly schedule sounds unbelievably gruelling. The only other option is to run after work, and after 90 minutes in transit, I doubt I'd have the energy once I got home. Besides that, even if I DID opt for the evening runs, I'd only be sleeping in an hour later anyway, since I need that extra morning time to get my ass moving.

The only thing I've got going for me is that I've done this before. Going to bed insanely early is a knack I seem to have (that is, when I'm not going to bed insanely late, such as tonight, especially when I have to get up at 8:30 in the morning to help my brother get to Seattle in a timely fashion for his interview).