January 25th, 2008



I hear that I might hear about work early next week. Awesome.

So, I was watching the Sonics ... lose to the Atlanta Falcons Hawks tonight and I couldn't help but come to a surprising conclusion: Seattle REALLY needs to play Luke Ridnour more. Now, obviously giving Starter Minutes to Luke over Earl isn't going to be the elixir to put this 9-win team magically into the playoffs, but if you want to be reasonably competetive (and I mean Non-Miami-Heat Competitive), you've got to utilize your strengths. With the exception of Shoots A-Lot Wally, we're a team based around youth and energy moreso than ability or talent. Ergo, we should be running around making teams tired for 48 minutes. I couldn't possibly count how many times Earl Watson has ruined a fastbreak by slowing it up and playing a half-court game; I'm telling you! Watch any Sonics game in which he's marginally involved; every time you see four Sonics running, you'll see Earl FastBreakKiller Watson walking the ball up once past half-court. It's fucking unbelievable! In fact, it's Un-Fucking-Believable! For a guy who bitches about his role on a weekly basis, he sure undeservedly looks for his own shot an awful lot! Yet, for the 10-15 minutes Luke is in there, he's running around, getting teammates involved, and generally running a poor man's Steve Nash point which is a fuck of a lot better than what Earl's giving us! Awesome.

I finally finished re-naming all my music on my old computer after a week's worth of neck-straining toil. Awesome.

Boy, the Cougs really Coug'd it in Arizona last night didn't they? Awesome.

I think I'm actually improving at my Texas Hold 'Em play. I know I've only been playing a smattering of my family and their degenerate friends, but I'm managing to win more than I'm playing like a brainless jackass and whenever I lose, it's generally when I'm rivered after leading after the turn. Awesome.

I found my dad's old bong. It's a brown ceramic Mexican guitar player and you suck the smoke from a hole in his ass. Fucking Awesome.

Buffalo wings are awesome. Awesome.

A list of movies whose dialogue I can recite from memory based on years and years of repeated viewing: Tombstone, The Big Lebowski, Bloodsport, Super Troopers, Uncle Buck, The Ref, Terminator II: Judgment Day, and now Kindergarten Cop. Who is your daddy and what does he do? It's notta tumah! Our Mom Says Our Dad Is A Real Sex Machine. Boys Have A Penis; Girls Have A Vagina. Yer not so tough without yer car areya? Awesome.

I want to fuck fuck fuck fuck you, fuck you! Emosewa.