December 29th, 2007


Apples & Oranges

On the one hand, there's New York the City; on the other, there are the friends and family. While I'd like nothing more than to magically clasp both hands together and call it a day, it's indescribably awesome to have the friends and family more than a meager phone call away.

You never feel as welcome as when you continually hear It's Great To Have You Back. For some people, the holidays are eternal downers filled with pisspoor memories of woebegone turmoil; but I'll always have the holidays of 2007 to fall back on with a warm glowing warming glow.

Thursday saw my hapless Sonics falling to the do-no-wrong hands of Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics; is there a Boston team that will EVER lose a game this year? Mark had his seat durn-near courtside next to an entertaining Jamaican Boston fan; I had my seat next to an entertaining Kon and Mario where noses bleed like wine. I got to mercilessly boo - in person - the latest bane of my existence, Wally 'I Suck Total Shit' Szczerbiak. Seriously, what kind of name is that? Two z's! And I don't know about you, but I've been fucked over by more Wallys than I care to count. That guy takes more ill-advised shots than an eight-armed Bruce (and by ill-advised shots, I mean ALL shots).

We followed that up with a brewski at halftime in the presence of Pam and Shams (where I got a tenacious lecture about not booing a despised member of your favorite team from Pam; I still contend that for $50, I am allotted my share of catcalls for the anti-christ). Then, after the game, we returned to Floyds - where before the game we got to see the shapely toned behinds of two from the Sonics Dance Team - for one more post-game ale.

Oh, mussn't forget the Robert Swift sighting after the game near the court. Kon got to shake his hand, but I had the pleasure of being left hanging. What can I say? Robert Swift is a huge star in this league, he just doesn't have time for all the little people out there ...

Friday saw my hapless full-stomached ass struggling my way through three boots at Die Bierstube with Kon and Gretchen and sometimes Mark. I tried to induce vomiting to clear more room from my otherwise lightly buzzed self, but alas only marinara-colored mucus was forthcoming into the bowl. After an unusually fired-up Mark put the kibash on Boot 4, I had a couple more beers and called it a night on Mark and Mario's brown leather couch. Oprah welcomed me with open cushioning.

Today saw me and Mario sharing some delightful breakfast fare in the form of a fluffy pancake, a sausage-and-egg quiche, and lots of greasy bacon. Then I made it out to see "Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story" with Kon and Caitlin and Gretchen. Then Kon and I branched off for a meal at the Ram with the Patriots solidifying their 16-0 season on all the TVs. We closed out the night with AH beer at the College Inn and I went home to do laundry for my impending trip to Reno in the morning.

I'm rounding the turn towards midnight and I have to be up at a quarter of seven, so I better cut this short. Here's to hoping I don't lose my shirt or my STD-free loins.