December 5th, 2007


I'm Dishin' Out Blues; I'm Upsetting Like Bad News

So look, if I don't get my Colbert Report fix pretty soon - and I'm NOT talking about online reruns here! - buildings are gonna start being toppled. By me and my angry fists of fury!

I seem to have plateaued in my running regimen recently, stuck at 6.4mph on the ol' treadmill. I'm planning on venturing up to a modest 6.5 today (with a subsequent increase to 6.6 if all things go according to plan tomorrow), but the progress seems to be slowing. I blame my lazy and alcohol-filled weekends (which have a tendency of spilling over onto Mondays due to hangover).

Whatever the case, the weight loss train seems to be right on schedule. The scale averaged somewhere between 200 and 207 last night, which is good. I've got two more weeks of busting my ass ahead of me (including, hopefully, a return to the early Sunday afternoon runs) and I've purchased my last packages of Top Ramen to get me through to the finish line.

You'll have to forgive me, I skipped dinner last night because somebody brought brownies into work yesterday and I wanted to get my workout in as soon as I got home. And I'm looking at another 2 and a half hours before lunch.

BY the way, you will NEVER guess who's getting real-life Justice of the Peace married less than a week before my ass flies into SeaTac. I for one am shocked and amazed.

You know, I feel like I'm actually making a difference here at work today. So far, I've contacted upwards of seven different Christmas catalogues and had them remove us from their mailing list. And, of course, every day a little more gets added to the Company Rubberband Ball. People think I have a lot of free time when they see the size of my ball, but really it's just minutes a day! And you too can have a ball the size of a tumor!

Oh, and I see what Ruth is about to do to George on Six Feet Under and I've just got to say, Ruth, I don't LIKE IT! That poor old man, he went from being so completely unlikable to being the saddest character on the show. Just when I was about to say that I despise that actor for not only ruining Six Feet Under, but portraying a terrible version of Jack Bauer's father, he TOTALLY redeems himself!

I've got nothing to say, I'm just making chitchat.

This Saturday me and Jenny and everybody else are going on the hunt for a Christmas tree. I missed out last year, so I'm glad they're finally doing it on a Saturday so I'm not stuck in some bar getting hypertension from watching the Seahawks.