November 16th, 2007

Don't Hassle the Hoff

The Beginning of The End of The Beginning

I think I want a camera for Christmas. Not a regular one, but not one of those small digital ones either. I want one that looks like a regular camera - black, with a detachable lense and a detachable flash with the capabilities to shoot pictures both in color and black-and-white - but I want it to shoot digital photos so I don't have to pay through my ass in film fees. I want to start taking pictures of things, but I want them to be good.

I also think I want to learn how to play the piano. I've always kind of admonished myself for never learning how to play an instrument. I had that broken acoustic guitar, and if I really had the focus and drive I could've learned some chords, but then at best what would I have been? Some strummy singer-songwriter type who can't sing? The world does NOT need another one of those. Besides, over the years I've actually managed some semblance of an appreciation for the piano. Maybe not that crap they'd play for you in elementary school music class - which pretty much single-handedly turned me off to learning an instrument - but I dunno. Something a little more ... good.

For some reason, I see myself being pulled away from the act of creative writing. For some reason, I'm just not getting out of it what I'd like. For some reason, it's not something I'm enjoying at the moment; really, it's not something I'm any good at. At the moment.

I've went and pigeonholed myself into this corner where I have no literary voice anymore. I'm some kind of bastard offspring of Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Simmons, with a little David Foster Wallace sprinkled in (but, not the brilliant parts of David Foster Wallace; the annoying, rambling, circular-writing David Foster Wallace that I loathe). I do all this writing, but I'm not saying a damned thing. Granted, writing's supposed to be entertaining if it's going to make an impact, but right now everything that comes out of these two hands reads more like filler. I'm not saying shit's gotta be deep n' shit; I'm just saying that writing for writing's sake is masturbation, so I might as well start letting other people jerk me off for a while.

I'm discontinuing the LiveJournals when I go home next month. Henceforth, anything I feel like writing will be something worth writing. And anything worth publishing - loose standards on my end if you've seen what's become of my Sycophant Picnic website lately - will be shown there, in the appropriate section. So, if interesting shit happens to me, it'll be filed under the Journal link on THAT website.

My life tends to be pretty one-dimensional because I generally can't handle juggling more than a couple things at a time. Like now: I work and I lose weight, while occasionally watching episodes of Six Feet Under and the random film from the vast reaches of the Internet. That's like three things, but that's pretty much ALL I do. Generally, for something like Writing - which, when I'm doing it well, I'm immersing myself in wholeheartedly - to creep into the mix, some other element of my life must lack as a result (this generally would be the exercising/losing weight part). Well, it's time I start incorporating some other activities into the mix.

I like to think it's every person's goal to be a well-rounded individual. Nobody aspires to be a one-trick pony. Nobody wants to be their job, renouncing everything else just so they can be good at that one thing. Generally, people meet people, get married, start families, all of which goes towards shaping and molding you into who you are. Of course, everybody is always ever-changing, even if they don't realize it. So, it's only natural for someone to want to try new things. Adopt new hobbies.

Right now, I can safely say that I'm an excellent television and movie watcher. I'm a brutally awesome music fiend. I'm a decent runner, a so-so writer, a capable reader of fictions, and a fucking rad-ass temporary employee. Oh, and I can cook a mean meal of pasta and I can lay around with the best of 'em. My sports knowledge is hairy at best, but I'm a wunderkind as far as the NFL is concerned. I'm a tit-man with occasional bouts of Yellow Fever, though as far as that's concerned, I wouldn't throw much of anything out of bed. I dabble in interest of politics and astronomy and I'm fairly diligent at staying fully hydrated. I burn under intense sunlight and I'm officially pitching in the senior circuit of Backyard Baseball.

I think I want to add a few more things to the pile of I Am's. For right now, photography and the piano sounds as good as anything.
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