November 11th, 2007


Oh What A Good Boy Am I

My weekend was so sterile it's almost pathetic. I went to the gym both days, I stayed in my room working vigorously on my website, I only saw the one movie when I wanted to see two, I only had the six White Castles when I wanted eight, I ate in rather than go out for dinners, and I didn't drink. I was so good this weekend I want to puke; and what do I have to show for it? Five wins in pick 'em and two losses in fantasy football to Jake. Whoever said leading a pious, righteous life is its own reward is a pile of shit.

So. I start a lot of sentences with that word. Anyway. I start a lot of sentences with that word too. I transferred all of my journal postings about TV, Movies, Music, and Sports over to the new site. I'm not gonna lie to you, there's more than 200 in those four catagories alone. AND, I re-read each one and performed any grammatical improvements as needed. This project is, I think, going to kill me.

Remind me to not write about TV, Movies, Music, or Sports until this website is up and running; I can't bear anymore of this copy-and-paste jive.

The only things that are left in phase 1 of the project are the posts I did about news/current events, the few and far-between fiction pieces, and the mindless rants where I make like I know more about shit than I actually do. I'm pretty good at bullshittin', I must say.

According to the scale at the gym, I'm down around 210 pounds, which would make that 40 pounds lost in the 2-or-so months I've been on this Top Ramen diet. 20 more pounds and I think I can start eating solid foods again. At this pace, that takes me down to the wire as far as going home is concerned. Which I suppose suits me right down to the ground, considering I'm trying to save money and all.

I paid off one credit card I used in that unemployed period where I ran out of money in August. Now, I've just got that BofA card with something like $650 on it (which will be paid off within the next week or two) and my BIG DEBT on my Wells Fargo card that's sitting around three grand. God, can't seem to shake it; seems like I've been pissing and moaning about that debt for three some-odd years now. Like some monkey fixed with adhesive clinging to my back.
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