October 26th, 2007


Workplace Enlightenment

For reasons I can't readily comprehend, I'm not dissatisfied with my current working situation. The double-negative is most certainly not unintentional in this case, since I couldn't say I'm entirely SATISFIED either. Here are some things I've learned about myself so far:

I can handle them blocking my e-mail and other personal websites as long as I have real actual WORK to do.

Any job that isn't 95% filing and making phone calls is a job I can stick with for a while.

Work enjoyment directly reflects the personality of my boss.

This last one is big. I realized that I can't work for ugly women or white American men. For some reason, I feel nothing but resentment and sheer anger that I have to listen to these people. Obviously, it's really easy to work for an attractive female boss, because every time she has you do something, you can sit there and pretend she's giving you orders while you're making sweet love down by the fire. This week alone, I couldn't tell you how many times I've had to direct my line of sight AWAY from her cleavage (or, for that matter, the rather noticable mole resting on her right temple just under her hairline ... Buck Melanoma's my name).

I also find it's really easy to work for foreign-born people and American-born racial minorities. This, I can NOT tell you why, because for the life of me I have no idea myself. I think, more than anything, when I'm dealing with someone unlike myself (white male American), I have in the back of my brain: Good for them, at least they didn't give this job of authority to a white male American.

This line of personal preference also follows when "Making Friends" at work. I tend to gravitate AWAY from white male Americans. Take, for instance, that last job at the furniture rental place. The people, for the most part, were friendly (aside from that incorrigible boss, a white male American), but the only person I talked to for more than five seconds at a time was this tall black man who's an army veteran who used to live in Germany. It was great, we talked about the NBA and we talked about beer (again, he's tall, black, and lived in Germany for a few years). On the converse of things, at that long-term receptionist job I had at that commercial real estate place, that office was TEEMING with white male Americans, all of whom I ignored like the klan. The only people I talked to - aside from the uptight white woman - were the Latina women. And if you've ever held conversations with Latina women, you know why; they're entertaining as fuck!

This job is probably the most diverse of any of the offices I've worked in. Since it's a French-based hotel company, there are obviously a lot of Frenchies, which is awesome. There's also this humongous British guy whose last name is - I shit you not - Quiddington, there's a number of Latina women, and a number of black women. As far as I can tell, the only major minority not represented would be Asians ... but now that I think about it, the IT guy looks almost exactly like Johnny Chan. So, there we go. Xanadu.

I really need to learn how to speak French now. If I don't, I might never know if they're making fun of me in front of my back.
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