September 30th, 2007

Don't Hassle the Hoff

14! He Worked Out 14 Days! ... In A Row?

I'm happiest when I've got something to look forward to. I don't know if that really goes without saying or not, but I imagine there's a fair share of people out there who are genuinely happy all the time. Then, I'm sure there are also those who are always happy when things don't veer too far off course; they're content in just getting by, doing the family thing, watching a lot of television, keeping a neat yard, and working out in the garage on Sundays.

But, for me, I'm never happy when things are complacent. I deal with complacency, and I handle it a whole lot better when I've got something to look forward to, but it's really when things are set in motion and I'm in a period of transition where I most get off on living.

Now, it could be something small, like a movie or an album that's gonna come out in a couple months; but that only jazzes me up for an hour or so and then it fades away until finally I watch or listen to the damn thing and am ultimately disappointed.

Things that used to give me the ol' hard one like holidays don't really do it for me anymore. I like Christmas okay, but it doesn't have the same cachet as it does for a 5 year old who still believes in Santa or a greedy little 14 year old whose sole motive for being good is to squeeze as many presents out of his parents as possible. My birthday sucks, don't even get me started on that. Halloween is fun, if you've got money for a costume and a bunch of people dressing up and drinking lots. Unfortunately, as you get older - even if you manage to find a group of like-minded adults to dress up with - the parties become more and more tame. It's only natural.

In fact, the start of a new NFL season gets me more amped than all the holidays combined. Which reminds me, I better wrap this up soon as I've got a 'Hawks game to see. It makes the start of the NBA season a major afterthought - the first article about Sonics Training Camp was released today on the News Tribune, I almost didn't read it - and it makes Spring Training in baseball only slightly more exciting because I'm usually so bored with the NBA season by February anyway.

You know when I was super duper excited? The months leading up to my move to New York. See, it's those kinds of life-altering changes I get most amped up for. Moving here, living with new people, getting to know a new city, all of that served to rejuvinate me like nothing else ever could've. Which, of course means that as things get more and more complacent here, I'm going to be itching to be moving on sometime in the near future. If it weren't for this albatross of a fucking credit card debt, who knows? I might already be gone.
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