September 26th, 2007


Oh You Men

So, on Monday on my way to the gym I felt great, and I had the best workout since I started this crazy trip.

Yesterday on my way to the gym, I felt like complete ass, and yet somehow I managed to pull out of my ass a workout equivalent to Monday's.

You know how you're putting a lot of effort into your run or whatever and finally you're just running on fumes? Well, yesterday I pretty much ran all out of fumes. I felt like one of those marathon runners you see who are all wobbly-legged and staggering to the finish line. That was me on the walk home last night. I got home around 8pm and was so out of it that I had to take a nap for an hour. Then I watched a couple Season 1 episodes of South Park and went to bed for realsies, only to wake up on my own at 6am.

I have this interview today with another temp agency; this is the one Mario hooked me up with. He called someone in Seattle who called someone here in New York who then called me and set it all up for 10:30 this morning. I'm pretty much putting all my cards on the table for this temp agency because I think it'll be an important one. I mean, Christ, they have more than one office in more than one city; we're not talking about Jackie Roobinson with the Sacramento Bumwads here.

So, I have to go in and nail this thing. I have to knock out the tests and I have to present myself as pristine. I gotta make these people fall in love with me.

In other news, my downloading site has fucking crashed or something. It's been out for well over a day now and I've got more movies I want to download! The final season of Mr. Show came in last night, Demolition Man came in this morning. I also got Death Proof in, which is Quentin Tarantino's half of Grindhouse starring Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson. She's super hot. AND, I got Little Miss Sunshine. Words can't express how much I heart this movie.

And what's up with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly being a two hour and 45 minute movie? I haven't had the guts to start this thing because I don't think I'll be able to make it all the way through in one sitting.

No, I do NOT feel lucky!
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