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I think I'm going blind from the All Top Ramen diet. It's been two days and I've had just the two packages, but I think I'm going blind anyway.

I finally crawled into the sack around 1pm and took about a 5-hour nap until I finally had to pee so bad it was about to explode through my taint.

Fuck it, is it a good idea to drink a bottle of wine that's 60% full and has been open since the middle of August without a cork in it? Well, I just shined a flashlight down in there and saw three floating dead gnats, so no, it's probably NOT a good idea. Into the sink drain you go!

Shit man, 60% of a bottle of wine on this empty stomach would've gotten me proper fucked. Plan B is gonna have to be me licking my burn scab in hopes that I experience a psychadelic reaction of some sort. Ahh, no dice. It would appear all that Top Ramen has burned off any and all taste buds, considering I'm eating it straight from the soup pot with which I boiled the water.

Ever been bedridden when you're perfectly able-bodied? That's kinda what I feel like right now. On the plus side, my weeklong bedroom cleaning project has been going swimmingly; I finally organized those three CDs I had sitting around on my shelf next to my row of carefully alphabetized vessels of musical enjoyment. Next up: set up the army cot and see if my room can comfortably sustain two grown Taylor men in its current feng shui.

Now's the time where I look up and see if I spelled feng shui correctly.

Wow, I was just totally inspired; I tidied up the rest of my pigsty in here; it's gonna be a tight squeeze, but I think we'll be all right in this little hole.

I might want to do laundry tomorrow if I'm not working. And since my temp agency isn't the kind that generally calls with same-day assignments, I'm assuming I've another freebie coming to me. Ahh sol.
Current Mood: In the nude, acting lewd with some food, if that's what you're into
Current Music: Seu Jorge - Life On Mars?