September 5th, 2007


Every Other City We Go, Every Other Video

No matter where I go, I see the same hooo-ooooes!

I got no phone call this morning from the temp agency, which is kinda good since I wasn't able to go to sleep until 5:30am, but which is ultimately really really bad because I'm broke after paying September rent & bills. Alas, I wasn't even able to sleep in either because my roommate returned from his monthlong vacation and woke my ass up at 9am. See, today's the 4th and we'd yet to pay this month's rent. So, I had to go to the ATM, take $200 out, and cut him a check for the remainder so we could get this squared away today. In the end, I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 4:30pm. Wow.

I've been on a rap music kick lately. Probably because I heard Public Enemy released a new album and I thought it was funny that a socially conscious rap group - including the likes of VH1 Sell Out King Flava Flav shucking and jiving all the way to the bank - is releasing an album titled "How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul" without any appearance of irony whatsoever. I'm sure by the time they get to Arizona they'll realize the blunder of their ways.

I went out and bought 20 packages of Top Ramen today, along with a loaf of bread and grape jelly. You can tell we're in lean times right now. I'm reading up on how bears hibernate, trying to see how long I can live off my body fat alone. Since I don't foresee going to bed anytime before 6am today, I think the plan is to stay up through 8am, call the temp agency, and see if they have a bead on anything. I REALLY need to get paid. After my brother leaves next week, I'm gonna spread my seed around a little bit, hitting up various other temp agencies in an attempt to work as much as humanly possible through the rest of the month. In fact, you better believe I'm gonna be on the temp work trail knocking on doors and kissing babies until I've got my financial situation in gear by 2008. TIRED of this debt hovering over my head like a giant shadow of imminent death.

I've also been on a downloading kick lately. Got three full seasons of The Larry Sanders Show - starring Garry Shandling about a late night talk show host - I got the entire series of Extras - from those who brought you the BBC version of The Office - and I've got My So-Called Life about 43% in the can. I love that show. I'm telling you, it's up there with Freaks and Geeks and John From Cincinnati in my all-time Shows That Should've Gotten More Than One Season (and yet, we live in a world where the Bill Engvall Show gets 3 million viewers a week - a blockbuster by basic cable standards).

I burned my fucking arm on the oven while I was taking out a baking sheet full of fries; now I'm looking at one of those permanent I'm A Moron burn scars.

I really can't even begin to tell you how sad I am that my roommate is back. Not that he's a bad guy or anything; I just really liked having the place to myself. Now I've gotta, like, wear pants around the apartment and stuff. It really sucks!

OK, I'm gonna watch some more Larry Sanders show and consider a new life as an ESL teacher in Korea.
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You Could Be A Part Time Model; You'll Probably Have To Keep Your Regular Job

Don't mind me, I've just been up all night watching an endless string of Larry Sanders episodes and writing an endless string of useless Public Enemy articles when I should really be focusing on finding ways to make money. Would they pay me today for a kidney donated next Tuesday?

Sorry, that's an old, bad joke. I'm makin' a lasagna ... ... for ONE. That's a new, good joke. I'm really enjoying Flight of the Conchords a little too much. Binary Solo! 00000000001001010000011000000100001

On the plus side, I figure I only have to make a hundred dollars by the end of the month.

OK, so I know I'm a fucking jackass when it comes to my finances, but I have a real tough time reconciling my desires with what I know I have to do to live comfortably. Like, for instance, I didn't HAVE to go to Houston or Chicago last month, but I wouldn't trade either of those trips for anything, let alone the money I would've saved on airfare and Lollapalooza and any entertainment expenses I dispursed throughout my days away. Now, what I COULD have done - and really, what I should have done - is dive into the credit card a tad bit earlier. Sure, it would mean my going on the debt rag a little more than I'd like, but I don't think that's too much of a price to pay for the peace of mind I'd receive.

As it stands, I'm at a spot right now where I'm elated at the fact that my brother's going to be here in two days ... but I've got no money to spend. Indeed, I will have to go on the card for this trip, which makes things a bit difficult considering the fact that there are so many places that don't accept credit cards.

Anyhoo, I'll have two full weeks after Josh leaves to find a way to scrounge a hundred bucks. Hopefully dipping into my alternate temp agencies works out if need be, considering the fact that I haven't had any contact with them since I joined ... about ten months ago.

All the hotties at the party feelin' naughty shake your boobies, yeah!
Who likes to rock the party?
All the ladies with the babies make your babies shake their booties, yeah!
Who likes to rock the party?
Who likes to rock the party?
I like to rock the party!
New Zealand likes to rock the party!
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