August 24th, 2007



Ba-num, ba-num, ba-num ba-num ba-num, ba-num, ba-NUMMMM, ba-nalanalanum.

That's the intro to the Pink Panther song, in case you were wondering.

More Food:

Wednesday Dinner - Beer, lots. Lots n' lots n' lots.
Thursday Lunch - Nothing, hungover, was supposed to have seafood, would've resulted in lots of people seeing food, BLAAAAAH, all over the table in pre-digested chunks.
Thursday Dinner - $1 Hot Dogs, once I caught my bearings and made it to the game.
Friday Lunch - B.J.'s Pizza. I can't hardly wait, y'all!

Yeah, so I'm pretty sure my liver bone is broken for gooness sakes. On account of I just had beer on Wednesday night - $1 beer, micro style, lots n' lots n' lots of it - and woke up on Thursday feeling like more ass than an entire field of asses. Hence why lunch was canceled. Hence why I was lying on the ground all morning and didn't make it that much higher in the afternoon while I watched "Kingpin" and "La Bamba" on TV. Hence why, eventually, I managed to feel better thanks to the power of Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies.

The Houston Astros game was ostensibly a game-time decision. As late as 5:30pm I was still in no shape to be riding around in a car without my sick-bag. However, through the power of prayer - praise Christ in Jesus' name - I found out where my testicles were. Turns out they were in the jar of pickles in Kon's fridge.

By the time we bought our pile of hot dogs at the game - I tried to consume five but got no further than 4 and a bite - and found our seats in section 405, the Washington Nationals were ahead 5-0 in the second inning. The game was, to say the least, not one bit exciting. Nevertheless, by the time we were standing near the exit in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Astros pulled to within 7-6 only to let everybody down with their futility. Neverthenevertheless, I got an Astros mini-helmet filled with soft-serve ice cream, so that's awesome.

Today Kon and I are heading to San Antonio for the night, followed by a night in Austin before coming back here on Sunday for my flight early Monday morning. Here we go.

Bum BUM!