August 22nd, 2007


I've Yet To Miss A Single Episode of The Jetsons

Schoolyard Heroes have a new song posted ... new album on Sept. 18th ... yay!

More Food:

Monday Lunch - Taqueria, big-ass steak burrito
Monday Dinner - My homemade baked ziti
Tuesday Lunch - All You Can Eat pizza (on par with the glorious Godfather's Pizza)
Tuesday Dinner - I ate the equivalent of 18 slices at lunch ... this was not required
Wednesday Lunch - Chinese food, General Tso's chicken and strawberry smoothie bubble tea

There was a bowling debacle on Monday night. Somehow between the last time I squared off against him and now, Kon has managed to improve his game. He doesn't get cheated out there, let me tell ya. I started off the first game with two straight frames' worth of gutter balls before I recorded my first point. That kind of hole you just can't come back from; especially when Lucky Strike Zak goes out of his mind bowling a 160-something. My next two games were a little more respectable, but both ended up in defeats as I rolled consecutive 117s. Couldn't pull the strikes out in the clutch.

I made it out to the pool on Monday afternoon though; that was something. With the absence of a hurricane, I'm finding the weather to be most agreeable. Little warm, little like sucking air through a damp towel, but otherwise all right. Did you know that twenty minutes under the sun for me = pink belly? Me neither. Actually, I totally knew that, jk, lolz!

Ugh, what was that?

Yesterday was one of my most-anticipated days on the trip. Why, you ask? Because of the Pizza Buffet! Man, way to bring me back to the good ol' days where I'd spend my birthday afternoon with my friends from high school (Jake, Chris, the Smith Twins), have a running pizza-eating contest with Chris, and take my soda with me everywhere I went else I non-verbally allow others at the table to tamper with it. Noticable differences from Godfather's: more pizza selection, no waiting for pepperoni, fucking amazing pepperoni rolls, complimentary salad bar with purchase. I'm not ready to proclaim the quality of the pizza itself to be superior, but as far as my options go, it's the best buffet I've had since.

And then yesterday turned into one huge red-faced debacle. We decided to go to Memorial Park, which is this park, see, and it has a path that circles it, see, and this path is three miles long, see. In the 2 million degree heat. Seriously, I had nine kinds of sweat pouring out of my pores. I'm pretty sure I was soaked in chicken broth. I was disgusting by the time it was all over; but I did survive. Barely.

I guess now's as good a time as any to talk about the people I've met so far. There really haven't been too many; the African fella who was in the weight room with us on Sunday night. The really hot neighbor with the two dogs. The guy who works at Pizza Hut and doesn't deliver to anyone who doesn't have a local telephone number.

But, if you're gonna talk about anybody here, you've gotta mention Paul at the top o' the list. That'd be Kon's right-hand man, partner in crime type who's single-handedly making the world a better place one lost debit card at a time. He's a really cool guy who hasn't minded one bit coming to all the meals we've been going to in my quest to eat all that Houston has to offer. And then there's Mandy with the super-awesome apartment. She's super-nice and super-Asian and super-into-techno while super-not-into-Asian-guys. Super. She was with us on Saturday night and yesterday while we ran and she'll be there tonight when we go for Dollar Beers, driving us to and fro because she IS super-nice. Everybody else I've met have been a part of the Lunchtime crew, but the only guy I remember is Nick. He's ... we like Nick.

OK, there's gonna be beer and such happening later. Peaceout.