August 15th, 2007



I never knew you could say "Shit" so many times on basic cable. And prick and cock! I keep waiting for that one "Cop Drama" type moment where they finally let the word "Fuck" go by, only it's something inane like, "What the fuck was that? Oh, nevermind, it's just Franklin the black pug."

So, Rescue Me is a good show. I watched the entire first season yesterday; who knew Denis Leary was such a good actor? I'm used to him playing the cardiac police chief on "Who's The Man" or the wisecracking thief in "The Ref". Actually, it's a damn good show. About the FDNY after September 11th, and more importantly how they've dealt with the tragedy and how it's affected their personal lives. Basically, Denis Leary drinks a lot of alcohol - I'm talking full glasses of whiskey here - has sex with a fireman's widow, loses control of his family, and gets in a lot of fights.

Oh, and to anyone who thinks I'm holding the exclusive rights to portraying women in a negative light in my writing, just watch how they're made to act in any one episode! If they're not sex buckets, then they're shrill, annoying New Yorker wives. And, when a female finally cracks her way into one of the fire houses, you should SEE how the rest of the guys go out of their way to make her life miserable. I can kinda see now why so many critics have lambasted this show for its cutting down of women; nevertheless, it's powerful, addictive television.

Anyway, after sleeping that one hour last night, I made it up to 2pm before snoozing for 6 hours. Now, it's a quarter to 6 in the morning but it might as well still be midnight. I think what's throwing my natural sleep rhythm off is the fact that I have absolutely no exposure to sunlight from my bunker of a bedroom. It's like Hitler's last fucking days down here! Doesn't matter what hour it is, in my room, in my apartment, it's always fucking dark. And, since I'm a night owl, I'm proper fucked.

I've been awake for 31 of 38 possible hours and I don't know if there's an end in sight.

So, I got to talk to my friend Sarah for a solid hour and 40 something minutes today. Tonight. This morning actually, starting at 2am when I got out of the gym following my 4-mile run. I'm only putting in 15-minute miles, but it's all baby steps I suppose.

I really need to shave, but I don't know what I'm gonna do about Houston. I can't bring a razor on the plane - and I'm not checking any bags - so it looks like I'm going to slowly go the way of the Grizzly Adams. Ergo, I'm trying to wait to as close to Friday as possible before my One Last Shave.

Is anybody else underwhelmed with the new Interpol album? I know this isn't really the venue for that kind of talk anymore, but I've had the album playing three different times (not actively listening, just playing it while I read and write and shit) and only the first track has really jumped out at me. See, this is the problem with THOSE kinds of bands: there's no differentiation between albums. Their first one was excellent, their second one was pretty foxy, but this one ain't impressing the shit out of me. More on this as I find the time to listen more closely.

Anyway, I'm done. Go rent the Rescue Me DVDs. Season 1 was excellent and so far Season 2 isn't letting up.
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