August 9th, 2007

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Songs To Fuck Too

I'm weaning myself off television - albeit in the form of downloaded HBO shows on my computer - and back onto music; I've got to get some writing done on this vacation if it kills me.

I've discovered a new band - STS9 - to throw onto the pile of bands I could see myself writing to. Godspeed, Explosions In The Sky, Cancer Conspiracy, all told that's probably 15+ hours of music in those four bands alone. But, in the end I'll probably stick to my crutch; Godspeed has been berry berry good to me.

I've already written 7 Lollapalooza reviews since yesterday; I figure I've got anywhere from 3 to 5 more.

I'm trying to get myself jazzed up to go running here. I've earmarked 3am as Go Time, since that'll mark 12 hours (or so) since I woke up. I dunno, though, all that standing and walking around in Chicago really did a number on my feet and back. I'm gonna do my damnedest to get that hour on the treadmill ran, but I don't think I can make any promises.

I'm super stoked about going to Houston next week. It sounds like Kon is all OVER finding cool things to do; we should have one fully jam-packed week of activities Danny Tanner Style.

Can you believe I made it a full three days at that festival without drinking one ounce of alcohol, taking one puff from a cigarette, OR ingesting one iota of illicit drugs? Well, as far as the marijuana is concerned, I'm fucking awful at trying to score because I always feel that people look at me and see Narc written all over me. Plus, I use the word "score". Come on, someone sees a guy like me coming up to them saying, "Hey fella, mind if I score some dope from you? Yes sir-ee, there's nothing I enjoy more than puffing on a DOObie and watching some live Rock N' Roll music!" Yeah whatever SQUARE, I know you're wearing a wire! And as far as alcohol was concerned ... $7 for 16oz. of Bud Light really doesn't sound like a deal; ditto $4 for a Dixie Cup of wine. I was thinking about getting the 26oz bottle of wine for $24, because I figure that's akin to about 5 beers' worth of alcohol, but to get sufficiently drunk, I'd need to drink two, which means I'm spending $50 on alcohol. I don't think so. But no cigarettes? Man, I gotta tell you I was more than a little tempted. For a guy like me, one pack would be just enough for a 3-day festival (unless I did start drinking, in which case I'd probably need a second). I saw people lighting up all around me, but for some reason I held firm. My lungs will probably thank me this week when I'm not forced trying to run the smoke out of me like I did LAST week.

I should've done what I did at Sasquatch last year; I should've found a liquor store and taped a bottle of alcohol to my inner thigh. Hell, with security so lax, I could've just put it in one of my cargo pockets; they didn't check for SHIT if you didn't bring in a backpack. If I was a pot dealer, I could've made a fucking fortune just standing next to an ATM and saying things like, "Man, my pockets are so full of weed, I wish I knew if people here liked smoking reefer so they could take it off my hands!"

While I've got the time off, I need to get in a couple touristy things during the week. Although, I don't know what to do that I haven't already done. I should take in a museum or something; I don't think I've given MoMA the proper attention it deserves. And, with my night owl status in full bloom, I could easily see some cheap live music that I couldn't normally because I'd have to get up early for work or some shit. Yeah, I like that idea; I'm gonna check it out right now.
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