June 16th, 2007


Steven A. Taylor Explains It All

Doesn't anybody realize that by all rights, Garfield is something like 35-40 years old with an obesity problem? There is no damned reason why that damned cat should still be walking around.

Well, the first half week is in the books. The thing I'm gonna find that sucks is, sooner or later I'm gonna start losing the battle with that Sports blog. As far as Music goes, I've got a million things to talk about, bands I love, bands I hate, old anecdotes people - in my mind - need to know about. I plan on doing a running thing leading up to Lollapalooza; I plan on getting out and seeing more small club shows and doing reviews; I'm already gonna be reviewing the Number 1 album each week as well as any other important albums around.

But, with Sports, I only watch the big three. Now that we're only in the one season now, that's a whole lotta baseball to be talking about. I'm thinking about doing a run-up to the football season by going team-by-team, but who the fuck am I, Len Pasquerelli? Either, I'm gonna have to start educating myself on college sports, or I'm gonna have to start getting more interested in golf, tennis, or fucking bowling. Wish me luck on that end. If only I had ESPN, I could throw some World Series of Poker articles at you, write about how much that Norman Chad guy sucks and what stupid things he said today.

I'm afraid I really don't have much to write about otherwise. Tonight, I have to get things in motion for the next month's issue of Sycophant Picnic. I haven't checked the Sycophant Inbox yet, so hopefully SOMEBODY has sent me something to throw on the site. Otherwise, July is gonna look mighty lean.

I'm starting up that series Oz; I'll let you know if it's worthwhile.