June 13th, 2007


Powered By Steve

You haven't heard from me since Monday on this thing because yesterday I was observing Cautious Optimism. No, that's not another Jewish holiday, instead it was me rejecting the urge to come on here and boast about an achievement that has yet to officially see fruition. So, until I can come to you with definitive evidence, I'll just say this:

It looks like, I may have, in fact, been rewarded with, a writing position for a website that shall go nameless until I can officially provide that aforementioned Definitive Evidence.

And it looks like, in fact, that you'll be reading quite a bit from me, if indeed this thing is a go.

It's not easy to describe, but it's this website with all these topics of interest: arts, music, sports, entertainment, photography, autos, business, programming, whatever. Everything you can probably think of. And under each topic, they have writers who write blog-type articles on that specific topic. I found the listing on Craigslist where they asked for a writing sample. So, I sent them the link to this very Live Journal and was offered the spot to write for the Music and Sports catagories. The two topics I'm most proficient at, well look at me now.

As far as I know, it pays, but probably not well until it gets popular and more people go to visit - and it definitely won't pay enough for me to quit my job any time soon. But, since I have so much free time anyway, it's an awesome way to write about what I'd normally write about anyway, have it seen on a website that I didn't just start up for my own amusement, and leave all the traffic generated by someone else.

The rub is, I'm supposed to write three articles on each topic (of 200 words or more) every day, five days a week. That's like me coming up with 6 Journal entries a day. No easy feat, but I've got a list of ideas written down that should make things a little easier on me.

One feature you'll hopefully see on the music side of things is where I listen to whatever shit album has hit number 1 for that particular week and give a review on how much it sucks ... which means pretty soon here I'll have to download AND listen to the new R Kelly album. Did I really sign up for this to punish myself?

But alas, I do it for the people. I must spread the message that music CAN be good if you listen to me and do as I say.