June 1st, 2007


The Sycophant June

Tonight's gonna prove to be a short night; I'd say unless Rome entices me to stay awake, I won't make it much past 7pm.

That's because I spent five and a half hours straight, with no break, getting that damned website up to snuff last night (after playing Tecmo Super Bowl at work all day on an emulator, I was up until 12:30am). That being said, I achieved all of my objectives except for one glaring hole: my contribution to the June issue of Sycophant Picnic. And the fact that all the new contributers' biography pages don't have anything on them except for the link to their contribution. But, for the most part, it's done, and going forward it'll be much simpler to update month-to-month, and I've got what I think is a solid idea for an article, which is why you're reading this now today this very minute. I'm probably gonna call it:

"Rush, Freaks & Geeks, and Jennifer Aniston's Lactating Udders"

I wouldn't ask. I would just read. Sometime this weekend. When it's more than just a glimmer in my penis' eye.

Yes to toot my own horn, I'm gonna go ahead and hype the June issue right here. I think Number 1 is pretty clever, and it's really short; Number 3 I chopped off the first 10 pages of so-so material and published the final four; Number 4 is the second piece I've published from this guy, I dig his style even if his stories don't tend to make sense on initial reading; Number 5 is a total re-write I had the guy do, making it much more foul and disgusting and depraved than it once was (little chip off the ol' prosemonger); Number 6 is long and slow and kinda meandering, but it grew on me.

However, what I'm gonna push everyone to is Number 8, a story called "A Day Like This". In this particular issue, I published Chapter 2 of a 4-chapter series, so if you haven't read the first one, go into the archive, or click on the guy's name - Phil Wang, apparently not a clever pseudonym. It's a mystery of sorts set in Seattle, Washington, and it's REALLY well-written. Which is why he gets the featured final spot over yours truly. The reason it's split into four chapters is because it's about 60 pages double-spaced in full, so I had to break it up. Read it! Get others to read it! It's good damn it!