May 31st, 2007


The Sycophant Perspective

I went to bed at 6pm last night; it was a weird sort of day resulting from the fact that I didn't get proper sleep the first two nights of the week and the only thing extra coffee did was make me extremely irritable. On the plus side, I woke up at 4:30 this morning ready to work.

Today's May 31st, which means that by midnight (or thereabouts) I have to get the June issue of Sycophant Picnic on the air. I've managed to convert now two of the longest stories to HTML (* they still need to be properly edited and validated), but there's a lot wrong with this issue so far.

First, there's only one visual arts item. I was hoping by now to have a helluva lot more per issue (three to four), but the well has run all the way dry on the submission end of things.

Secondly, I'm one piece short, because that slot belongs to me and I've yet to actually write anything for this month. I have until the end of the workday pretty much, then I'll have to dip into the reserve.

Third, I need to clean up the links and work on the archive. I'm trying to keep each issue with each respective color scheme / featured picture / etc. To do so is a bigger pain in the ass than I anticipated, but now I think I have the proper system lined up. It's now just a matter of going back and fixing old code.

Fourth, I've got nothing doing for the July issue except for Part 3 of this guy's 4-part story (It's actually really good, entitled "A Day Like This") and whatever I can manage to come up with. This means I've really got to get on the ball with the whole Advertisement Campaign. I've got some ideas, it's all a matter of implimenting them. Here's to hoping I get some weekdays off in the near future.

All in all, I like the product so far, but the experience hasn't been holding up its end of the bargain. I think that's because I've been nothing but distracted over the last two months; after the initial surge in enthusiasm while creating this site, the novelty has worn off some. Nevertheless, I've got to find a way to fill July and August - if for no other reason than to fulfill my end of the bargain to the guy who's written the 4-part story, published over four issues - and then I can maybe take the site towards a new direction.