May 25th, 2007



There's nothing quite like a well-timed Rocky Training Montage - dubbed in Spanish, of course - when you're on your 47th minute of treadmill madness, barrelling in on mile four after a two-hour workout with the bike and the weights and the crunches. Speaking of which, if you ever want to imagine me working on my abs, just watch one of those infomercials where Ron Popeil or Tony Little or Suzanne Summers has invented the Next Big Gimick in building your abs; I'm the out-of-shape guy in the black-and-white video doing a handful of awkward crunch-like things in complete misery before looking into the camera as the voice over man says, "There Has To Be A Better Way! ... And Now There Is!"

I'm still getting shitfaced tonight. It's necessary, I've decided. Call it a chemical imbalance if you will, but my mood, my demeanor, my whole attitude towards life really starts getting out of line if I go two or more weeks without really tearing one on. I'm gonna go out and say that I really haven't done so since moving; there was the Friday night with the Mariners game, but that was like 6 or 7 beers over the course of three or four hours.

I'm running on Simple Mode right now. My life recently has consisted of Going to the Gym, Watching The Wire, and Finalizing my Travel Plans. It's that whole idea of having something to look forward to; if I wasn't going home for three weeks and then going to Chicago and Houston, I'd be considerably worse off right now, psychologically. Which is why tonight, we'll be reintroducing heavy drinking into the equation. The way I see it, a nasty, filling dinner followed by beers and shots, followed by a day of being hung over sounds just fine.
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