May 19th, 2007

Don't Hassle the Hoff

Richie Sexson Sucks: Pervasively, or, Help Wanted in Astoria

Well, I managed to stay employed at this job until Memorial Day; that's better than I thought I'd do. Here's to hoping I can at least get a steady month of temporary work through the end of June to tide me over, but I don't know what I'm qualified to do anymore after all this bullshit work I've had since November. Shit, the only thing I'm probably qualified for is hitting .162 for the Seattle Mariners with 3 strike outs and 5 runners left on base* in my latest game. I'd have to say that qualifies me for more than just a slight pay increase.

Looks like I didn't get that 2 weeks I wasn't technically promised. Not that I'm complaining; I told you I'm living on borrowed time right now. {{either I'm hallucinating, or there is a leafy weed growing out from the crack between my bedroom and the bathroom next to me, approximately 8 inches tall with approximately 4 different stems ... that shouldn't happen, should it? weeds shouldn't sprout up INSIDE your bedroom, should they?}} So, to make it official - barring some unforeseen setback, like the candidate reneges at the last second - next week will be my final week at the company I've been temping for since late last year. November 13th to be precise. That's damn near six months (with two weeks cut out in December), not too shabby.

{{you know, if it's showing 8 inches on this side of the wall-board that surrounds the edge of my wall connecting to the floor area, then I can go ahead and assume there's quite a bit more behind there waiting to grow, waiting to invade my sleeping area. this is not good. does this mean I need to invest in some kind of weed killer? or is the heavy artillery in order?}}

I went to bed at 7pm last night and I'm kinda glad I did. Looks like that Phoenix/San Antonio game wouldn't have been worth seeing. On the one hand, going to bed at 7pm on a Friday night is entirely lame, but on the other hand I didn't spend any money and I've been up since a little after 6am; got my laundry washed by 9:30am; have seen three or four more episodes of The Wire. {{i'm gonna pull on it and see what comes out. bear with me for a moment ... I sniffed it and it touched my nose! am I going to get some kind of skin rash now?? the main stem felt particularly ripe and potent ... holy Christ what have I gotten myself into?}} Oh, and just now, in between rainshowers, I bought this crappy little $10 floor chair. So, now I can sit on the floor and watch bootleg TV shows on my compuer without my ass going numb. I just gotta wonder what kind of pube crabs I've invited into my home with this Good Will-bought ware.

For some reason, I thought I'd be more upset about losing this particular job. As it stands - and I know I've said this about damn near everything I've ever been paid for - this has been the easiest $17 an hour I've ever made (that's what she said). I got a lot of personal shit done while working the phone and being the face of the company. Built a website from scratch, updated my old website from the bottom up, wrote half a novel back in November along with a few short stories since then, read a few books, will have transcribed (by the end of next week) the bulk of the Road Trip journal from last summer onto a Word Document. Most of this is shit I NEVER would've done on my own time, low-priority housecleaning chores. Gonna be quite the culture shock to go someplace else and be forced to do actual work. If I didn't have the ol' ants in the pants about getting this debt off my back, I'd go ahead and take June off.

By the way, as it stands, I've been hovering slightly under $6,000 the last few weeks, but that's with the move and all these fucking plane tickets I've purchased. Let's look at a quick rundown of what I've purchased in the last few weeks:

Plane tickets home for July
Plane tickets to Chicago for Lollapalooza
Entry tickets to Lollapalooza
Plane tickets to Houston for August

And that still leaves me needing to purchase my brother's tickets to New York for September and for me to pay for tickets to Reno for New Years with the Hammer. A month of steady employment in June would go a long way toward me feeling confident enough to pay off the debt. As it stands, I'm probably going to wait until September before going hog wild.
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