May 3rd, 2007


Lunchtime Follies

I left my lunch sitting on the kitchen counter this morning. Now, I'm making due with ample cups of hot chocolate. When the pressure's on and there's survival afoot, what's my best-known instinct to get me through the rough times? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? I employ this stratagy after a long night of drinking and I want to make my company believe that I'm sleepier than I really am?

That's right, I've got my stomach playing possum for me today. On a normal day where I've successfully packed my lunch and carried it to my destination of work, I'm hungry by 10:30 or so, eventually succumbing to my lack of will power around 11 or 11:30. However, today nary a pang has wracked my tummy.

This throws gallons of fuel on the theory that hunger is almost all mental. You THINK you should be hungry because it's "Lunch Time" - whatever arbitrary time you've set up in your mind as being the proper time to eat your lunch-type meal of that day - or because you've gone so-many hours in between foodstuffs. However, if you're in a situation where you know you don't have food and you know there won't be food forthcoming for many hours (like, for instance, when a moron goes to all the trouble of making his lunch that morning and packs it in a grocery bag only to turn around, jam both thumbs up his ass, and walk right out of the apartment none the wiser), that instinct of it being, "Time to eat, better start getting hungry because food's coming soon" just goes right out the third story window.

Does it take its effect on your body? Oh sure. Fortunately for me, A. I've made a lifetime out of being entirely worthless during the daylight hours, so I have a little experience in this realm; and B. I'm at a job where it doesn't require me to be worthwhile whatsoever. And, just to show you how the lack of ingested energy has taken its toll, as I was writing Point A. in that last sentence, I nearly forgot what I was going to write for Point B.

Of course, leave it to the know-it-alls to totally discount my own personal theory on this topic: two oven-toasted Frosted Cherry Pop Tarts will fill you up right so you don't even NEED a two-sandwich lunch to successfully roll you through the day. What I'm trying to say is that I want to live at the Pop Tarts factory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Gritty Nitty: Moving In Shenanigans

Mike Shenanigan, isn't he the coach of the Denver Broncos?

Yesterday I got home, my room was a shambles, I had nothing to eat except some orange-tinted Craisins that the guy who lived here before me left in his cupboard, so I changed and left. First thing's first: food.

I did my research at work during the day and made a list of a few necessities: pizza places, fitness centers, bars, coffee shops, libraries, thrift stores, AH White Castle, movie theaters, and Thai Restaurants. There happen to be four of them perfectly within walking distance, so I went to the closest one.

When you come to visit me, you'll notice there are a massive amount of bars in my vicinity, there's a few Mediterranean restaurants, few Pizza places, and one awesome multiplex movie theater. There are probably twice the amount of cool stores in and around my area than there were where I lived in Bushwick. I still need to find a quality nearby Chinese place and when that day comes, WATCH OUT!

I get no phone reception in my apartment. I'm constantly roaming, so if you call me and I hear my phone ring and I'm in my apartment, count on me not answering, but most likely calling you right back and having a conversation with you outside. I'm about 90% sure I WON'T be getting a land line installed in my room, so there you go.

I'm only 50% sure I WON'T be getting a matress. The cot should be an OK summer thing, and if it gets too uncomfortable, there's a big fat rug in my room that's just begging to be slept on. What I've noticed the first couple nights: my room defaults at the Cold end of the temperature spectrum. Notably, the underside of this cot I got; literally freezing my figurative ass off. However, this bodes well for the summer, because I'm chock full of shade, I shouldn't swelter too much.

Big window, but I have a view of a building two feet away. No big change there. However, got a pre-installed screen on my window, bugs should be at a minimum. Space is limited: no high ceilings, not as much wall space. Nothing I can do about that; but I can see myself not spending so much time in my apartment.

Kitchen: there's an oven and what appears to be a gas range. There's a microwave, a toaster OVEN, but no conventional toaster. Still, I can butter my bagel on that thing just as easily. No dishwasher, not much counter space, so big meals will be difficult. No kitchen table, no ROOM for a kitchen table. I have two tiny cupboards for my few dishes and spices and such and one kinda bigger cupboard below the sink for my pots and pans and such. The fridge was mostly bare, which leads me to believe that Freddy eats out a lot. The freezer had exactly one pound of meat and a couple dirty trays of ice. But, apparently he likes his cereal. We also have a blender; you know what that means: homemade Blizzards.

I bought a couple small tupperware bowls for leftovers and one big one for salads or pudding. I found a tall skinny lamp at a Goodwill for $10; because Christmas lights aren't in season and the regular light in my room is too bright. Last night, I put the finishing touches as far as posters and everything go. This is gonna be all right. As always, there's an adjustment period to weather, but I think this'll be just fine.