May 2nd, 2007


I Have Moved

Have you ever been in a revolving door after someone has farted in it? That shit just goes round and round!

So, I got off at 4 o'clock yesterday, made it home by about 4:30, had everything down on the street - with Emily's help - by 5:00, ordered a van to pick me up (driving from Bushwick to Astoria took about 30 minutes, cost about $30 bucks, though I just gave him two 20's for the trouble), got everything into my room and set some things up by 6:30, watched the new episode of the Sopranos (I thoroughly don't understand this episode one bit, too surreal), and was asleep by 7:30. I woke up this morning 11 hours later and I feel like I won't need to drink coffee today.

All I've done so far is set up my shelf and my cot. My Christmas lights have finally bit the big one after the fourth move, gonna need to pick up some more of those. I haven't even hung anything on my walls yet; I was too exhausted. I'm gonna today, though. I've got a couple bags here at work that I need to take home, so the move officially ends tonight.

A couple things of note: I got to work in EASILY half the time, if not sooner. This is going to be sweet. Also, I need to buy a matress. One night on this cot and I'm already ready for something else. I can't tell if it's my back adjusting correctly after so many months on that futon, or if it's my back adjusting poorly because it's not supposed to be objected to sleeping on an army cot. I'm going to assume the former and hope that things turn out OK in a week or so.

God, today's only Wednesday. I need to go grocery shopping, do a ton of laundry, set up my room ... this is going to be one fucking long week.

My phone doesn't get much in the way of reception in my bedroom. I have no idea what that's all about, but that sucks if it's not gonna work in there. I'd hate to have to make all my calls outside.

Boy, did I crap like a champion this morning.