April 26th, 2007


I just want to lose enough weight so that my tits doesn't jiggle when I brush my teeth.

You know what the best part of any day is? Taking a dump when you're on the job and it isn't taking away from your breaks and it isn't adding to the amount of time you're required to stay for that particular day. I miss those days.

Of course, the second-best part of any day is taking a dump in general, followed closely by sleeping. I read this scientific study recently. Rounding out the Top 5 you've got Wiping the Fuzzballs and Toejam from Between Your Toes After A Hard Day's Work and a three-way tie at number five with Leaving Work Five Minutes Early, Catching Some Shut-Eye When You're On The Job, and Linner. I probably should've saved the link to that scientific study; if I find it anywhere, I'll be sure to post it.

Website's finished. I've been having a difficult time giving a title to this thing, but I figure this one's appropriate for now considering how In Love I am with my own writing. A few weeks ago, I wrote a short list of long-term projects I wanted to finish. Each item on this short list I figured would take about a full day's worth of work (12 hours or so). This website took WELL longer than 12 hours, but I finally completed a simple task. I like how it looks though. The front page has all of my writing from most-recent to least (at least, all of my writing I feel's fit to print on a website nobody will look at).

I was up until 1am last night. On the plus side, we powered through six more episodes of The Sopranos on a weeknight. We're somewhere on the dark side of the 4th season now. I'll tell ya, we need more of these type of weeknights, but I don't know how much more I can take. Sooner or later, I'll have to sleep.

Tomorrow night, I'm gonna go out and I'm gonna find me some live band type music and I'm gonna drink my brains off and I'm gonna rock all the way out - some might say that I'll be rawking out - and that's all there is to it. Fuckin' A.

I'm so fucking bored I could fucking puke water balloons

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