April 25th, 2007


Bettin' on the Bull in the Heather

It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world.

So, I owe someone some amends and I figured, what better way to make my apology than by going on here and writing it all down.

The things I said about this person and/or corporation were uncalled for, they were premature, and they in no way reflect how things actually went down.

And so, to Ticketmaster, I say 'I'm Sorry' and 'Thank You For Giving Me My Money Back'. You've really held your mud.

In other news, I got some things yesterday. A couple posters and a Moleskine sketchbook, all from MoMA. My roommate Liz - until the end of the week - has a 40% discount on MoMA merchandise - until the end of the week - because she's an intern there - until the end of the week. That sentence could've been more efficiently written methinks. The posters are movie posters, the movies are "Vertigo" and "Metropolis". I've only seen 50% of those movies, but the posters are cool looking, and after discount, the whole kaboodle was $30. I went there on my lunch break on Monday because I work about four blocks from the Museum of Modern Art and they have the COOLEST shit EVER. They had a rubber banana peel doorstop. They had a calendar that was made up of useless shit and magnets. They had a wall clock that only had the number 5 on it, in the 5 o'clock position. They had dishes you could FIGURATIVELY pay an arm and a leg for. They had ... I dunno, books and shit. THEY HAD ... tubesocks. No they didn't. They did not, I repeat DID NOT ... have tubesocks. I was crushed. I really wanted some Jackson Pollack tubesocks.

That was a Suckass Situation.

I'm gonna be making some Pizza Bread tonight. Long piece of Italian Loaf, a couple cans of tomato sauce mixed with pepper, cayenne pepper, some shredded mozzarella, and whatever toppings I can think of. I'm thinking of finely dicing a stick of pepperoni and mixing it in with the sauce. This could be quite the cooking process tonight, I'll alert the media if it works out.

We're into season 4 right now on the Sopranos, lagging well behind the pace. Today's Wednesday and we've got three full seasons to get through by Monday. Somehow, I don't see it happening, unless we chug down ten episodes a day this weekend.

So yeah, how cool is that? I got my money back from Ticketmaster. So now, instead of paying a dollar a minute for Henry Rollins, I got to see 40 minutes of Rollins for free! Only In America!