April 23rd, 2007


Get it all out of the way

I got film developed, my Boston pictures, and they didn't give me the digital disc I requested so I could put them online. I wish people didn't constantly have their heads up their own asses all the time around here.

Liz and I are seven episodes into Season 3 of The Sopranos. Coincidentally, there are seven weeks (including last night) before the show ends forever. We're six episodes behind the pace; it's easy to say that the dedication just wasn't there this weekend. I don't see us finishing the sixth season by the end of April.

No White Castle, No Chinese Food, Two Slices of Pizza over in Ridgewood (1 slice Saturday when I dropped off my film, 1 slice Sunday when I picked it up), and everything else was made from home.

I'm going to MoMA on my lunch break today because Liz has a 40% discount and I might want something I don't need.

I've decided that, after I move, I'd like to join a gym if it's within a couple blocks from my home and it's under $50 a month. I looked it up online and found three that fit the perimeter, but it's not like you can actually get any information on membership prices from a WEBSITE. Heavens no; if gyms had it their way, you'd never know what the fuck they're charging.

When I wasn't watching The Sopranos, I watched a little movie by the name of Falling Down. It made me long for the good old days of the 1980s when it was okay to be just a little racist, just a LITTLE bigoted in a movie without having the heavy hand of Jesse Jackson or GLAAD or ... Asian Americans For Acceptance on our asses. This movie hits on Koreans who don't speak The Language; hits on homosexuals who go into a lunatic's Army Surplus Store; hits on black people by said lunatic; hits on ... construction workers who construct on perfectly good roads for the sake of having a sizable piece of the state budget, fast food chains who won't serve you breakfast even though you're a mere 3 minutes late, and I don't even know what else.

I got sincerely and severely drunk on Friday night, and ever since I've been seeing mystery wine stains all over the place. It's like I got home, poured myself a glass, and did twirly ballerina dances, spraying red stainy liquid all over the place. Then, I cleaned it up with a perfectly new dish towel, but didn't do that good a job of cleaning because the stains are still there. I would consider the possibility of my continuing to drink after I went home to pass out, but I don't appear to be missing any more wine than I remember drinking already. I would consider the possibility of my puking red winey liquid, but then there'd be chunks of dumplings all over the place because I had a handful before I went home from the party and - as I can see by my drunken cleaning abilities - there would be chunks of food around somewhere. All I know is that I remember everything that happened before going to the party, and there were no spills. Next day, spills and stains. You do the math.

I have to pee now, excuse me.

Did I mention that I passed out on my Futon with my pants off and a huge pee-boner throbbing in the wind, with my blanket only covering the top half of my body? I'm sure that was a pleasant sight for one and all.

I guess the only other thing to cover is the weather. We're embroiled in Perfect Weather. Stretching from 60-75 degrees or thereabouts, coats are no longer required, and indeed if anyone ever wore shorts over here, I'd consider doing the same. As it stands, these pasty white legs of mine are lethal weapons.

By the way, Kudos to Jeff Weaver. 3 innings, 3 runs and the quick hook.

Kudos to the mayor of New York, who's proposing a fine for drivers in Manhattan. A Congestion Charge or something, it would be $8 every time you drive in the city below 86th street (cameras catching license plate numbers would be the ticket); $21 for truck drivers. There's no reason to drive in the city. Just no reason.

Kudos to me for finally downloading the first season of "The Wire", proclaimed by many to be the best show on HBO - yes, even better than The Sopranos.

And Kudos to me for finally downloading the Kevin James stand up set from Comedy Central.