April 22nd, 2007


Jesus Camp & The Samuel Alito Connection

What's the point of having a Supreme Court when the laws they uphold/overturn are essentially meaningless? It doesn't matter what the word of the Constitution says, only how five certain judges interperet those words.

Abortion was grabbed by the collar and thrown up against the wall Jack Bauer style this week. I'm not going to pretend I know how the whole abortion procedure works, but from the sound of things, this is a minor step that many believe could be the crowbar wedge in the safecracking of the entire abortion system. Evangelicals, indeed most Christians across the board I would suspect, have championed this act as Just The Beginning. Those who believe in women having rights over their own bodies say the same thing.

I saw the documentary Jesus Camp last night. This was one of those less-invasive jobs where the directors aren't heard on camera, instead they let their subject do all the talking. Let's just say that many a foot was shoved directly into respective mouths. That said, it's not hard to tell what position the directors chose to go with, just listen to the mood music of the soundtrack behind the words and events. If you just listened to the music, you'd think you were watching something made by Wes Craven.

This is a scary enough movie without all the manipulation. A quarter of the American population, somewhere around 80 million people, think and believe the Evangelical way. They want to raise little warriors - like those who are trained with rifles and hand granades over in the Middle East - who'll die in the name of the lord. Who'll gladly lay down their lives for what they interpret as Jesus' word.

It's all this interpretation of ancient documents that's led us to the state we're in today. Be it Holy Bible or U.S. Constitution. Slowly but surely, the righteous intent of these documents are being subverted and perverted in such a way as to conform to what these lunatics believe is Right For This Country. Of course, I'm not saying that there's nothing wrong with the bible or the constitution the way they were - lots of slavery and lots of fucked up morals were written into those tomes. I'm just saying, there's a sense of good to be taken away from these things and those elements are being fucked with.

Religion and politics don't mix well. By themselves, they're fairly benign; combined and they're a fucking Molotov Cocktail ready and waiting to destroy us all. 80 million people might only be a quarter of the population, but when they put their force to the test at the voting booth, they need to be reckoned with. Too many of the rest of the 3/4 of the population simply don't give enough of a shit to fight for what we know is truly right for this country. A woman's right to choose, a homosexual's right to wed, a public school's right to teach without the church's interference.

If we're not careful, we're in store for another Great Awakening, where the religiosos take over and exert the full brunt of their power to enact change within this country. I've been against conformity from as far back as I can remember. Back when schools in the Tacoma school district flirted with (and eventually passed into law, only to be shortly later rescinded, all after I was out of there) the idea of Uniforms. Kids being forced to wear the same clothes because they thought it would help them with their school work and deter violence among other things. In other words, to turn kids into mindless zombies who aren't allowed to be creative, to show their individualism at a point in their lives when they're searching for who they are as people. It's one thing if you choose to go into an institution that requires uniforms (say, the military for instance); but it's quite another when it's shoved down your throat and you're told to get with the program or else. Some people would call that fascism, and look at how great that turned out for everybody.

What we need is another Reformation. We need a religious backlash - spearheaded by those within the religious community who see how fucked up these Evangelicals are - to whip this country back into line. And we need more in those 3/4 to stand up and fight back. To get passionate about our country again. To shove these pathetic mutants back into the Fanatical Sect of the religious community where they belong.

Otherwise, you're going to see these kids in this movie - these crying, shaking, speaking-in-tongues, brainwashed sociopaths - you're going to see them grow up, you're going to see them seek out positions of power and influence. And you're going to see them continue to roll back all those fragile laws we've worked so hard to instate, to make right for the hundreds of years of wrong this country has lived with.